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How to build your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers

by Heat Recruitment

You don’t need us to tell you what a powerful and instrumental tool LinkedIn is to both recruiters and job seekers alike. Over 94% of recruiters use LinkedInnow to either source or vet candidates for roles, and there has been a 40% increase in members just from 2015-17.

With that level of competition and exposure – are you making the absolute most of your profile to improve your visibility on the platform?

  1. Take a professional picture

Never judge a book by its cover is a lovely statement, but when it comes to your professional profile it can be hard not to take into account how you are choosing to present yourself to prospective employers.

Think of your job and your industry. If business-attire is required when representing the company, then it’s safe to say the corporate style of image is for you. If you’re working for a quirky start-up, a more casual look may be appropriate.

Ensure your head and shoulders are in the frame, and smile. Following a great first visual impression, hiring managers will be ready to peruse the rest of your profile in no time.

  1. Chronologically organise your experience

There are 11 million active job listings on LinkedIn, so you can just imagine the number of candidates that need to be sourced. That’s a lot of scrolling time for the average recruiter. Due to this, readable profiles are the way to the recruiter’s heart.

Think chronologically and add all of your relevant work experience and achievements. Remember, unlike your CV, your LinkedIn profile can be a lot more extensive.

Even if you’re in work, list your responsibilities and be sure to update any promotions or movements, even within your current position. According to research, keeping your positions up to date make you 18% more likely to be found – even if you’re not necessarily looking.

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  1. Personalise it

Adding to the last point, standing out in the crowd is your ultimate aim. Sure, this can be done through your plethora of experience and skills but there are also some little quirks that you can add to your profile to ensure that your personality shines through.

Features on LinkedIn now allow you to add a headline on your profile. Many users don’t make use of this feature and it’s surprising that they don’t. This is one of two places on your standardised profile where you can interact with the recruiters, say hello and grab their attention. Make it short, concise and creative.

Your second mode of interaction is through your InMail. You may have noticed that LinkedIn has added automated response options to your messaging options. This is pretty much the least amount of effort you can put into making a new connection. Ignore these and write your own messages, do your research on the person and tailor the message to them. You will be more successful in getting a response this way – 15% more successful, studies show.

  1. Be a thought leader 

Fast becoming the thought leadership platform of choice, LinkedIn is a vital tool to position yourself as an expert in your industry. On your news feed you may notice the ‘write an article’ button. This is a great way to share industry insights, to piggyback on events in the news and to give people your own professional updates.

You can also now make use of hashtags on LinkedIn, so be sure to add a few relevant hashtags to your articles and watch the likes come in. Establishing yourself as an expert in the industry is not only going to increase your credibility, but recruiters are going to see you as a candidate with something to say.

  1. Grow your network

Perhaps the second most common use of LinkedIn is building your professional network. Whilst it is easy to connect with industry leaders and relevant figures in your sector, it might be worth thinking of some other innovative ways to connect with people.

Have you heard of the ‘find nearby’ tool? Next time you are at a networking event, open your LinkedIn app, scroll the bottom and there will be a ‘find nearby’ option. This will show you everybody with a LinkedIn account near to you. Not only can you connect with a relevant audience of people who are attending the same events as you, but you may even find that person you were speaking to at lunch whose name you can’t quite remember.

LinkedIn has taken off as the tool of choice for hiring managers so be sure to utilise it in your search for the perfect role. And even if you’re not actively seeking new roles, it doesn’t hurt to keep your name in the mix.

Heat Recruitment also utilise LinkedIn and post updates on the platform. Join our network.

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By Lucy Evans