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The business benefits of hiring a contractor through uncertain times

by Heat Recruitment

Could hiring a contractor be the short-term solution to the challenges brought on by the coronavirus?

With the coronavirus already having an impact on companies, UK businesses face an uncertain future – and so do their employees. Many companies are keen to avoid making long-term commitments when our economy could shift so drastically over the coming months. With many businesses now requiring staff to work from home — yet still maintain productivity, deadlines and project initiatives — engaging contract staff who are skilled and ready to hit-the-ground running, even remotely, may be the solution to the problem.

The government has announced that the reformed IR35 legislation will be postponed for a year. This is giving businesses some respite from having to determine whether contract staff fall inside or outside of the legislation, and can be a welcomed initiative as businesses look to find creative ways to weather the current economic climate.

Playing the waiting game

Although some companies may be refraining from making any new, long-term commitments, they still need to keep the lights on, especially with many key projects underway. Before the coronavirus hit we were in the middle of a talent shortage, with many businesses struggling to find the skilled staff to manage critical business initiatives. While now may not be the right time to hire a permanent employee, hiring a contractor may be a more cost-effective and risk-free solution at present. Contractors are also highly specialist, avoiding any steep training costs.

Filling in the gaps

With schools closed and parents trying to manage childcare and work commitments, a contractor can help fill in the gap. They’re not a replacement but a welcomed addition to help manage some of the extra workload and coordination required during this time. Contractors typically have their own computer equipment and communication devices and can adapt to existing home working policies as established for other staff.

Steering clear of commitments

Hiring a permanent member of staff is a long-term commitment, and you’ll need to consider fixed overheads, employee benefits and ongoing training. From the computer they’ll use for day-to-day tasks to the qualifications they may need in the future; you’ll need to invest a significant amount of time and money into your new hire. In contrast, contractors are a no-strings-attached alternative. There’s no hiring process and no extra costs being thrown into the equation.

Utilising specialised skillsets

Sometimes, your team may just not have the niche skillset needed to successfully complete a project. Hiring a contractor means you’ll be able to pick and choose the person that’s just right for the task you have in mind, eliminating the need for retraining your existing staff. If you’re testing the waters before you branch into a niche area, perhaps hiring a contractor is best place for you to start.

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