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Heat Recruitment Ltd announces joining the Smart Solutions Group

In an exciting new chapter for both parties, Heat Recruitment Limited has successfully joined the Smart Solutions Group…

The move comes at an exciting time for both businesses and will be pivotal in aiding their ambitious growth plans. With offices in both Bristol and Manchester, Heat Recruitment supplies talented permanent and contract staff to businesses within the professional services and digital sectors, and will now be working alongside Smart Solutions, one of the UK’s leading recruitment agency groups for temporary recruitment, offering tailored workforce management solutions across a wide range of sectors both nationally and globally.

Heat Recruitment continues to operate under its original brand and name as its own separate entity but will now benefit from the corporate backing of the group, as well as significant investment and support as an extended part of the Smart Solutions family, allowing them the platform to continue servicing all of their existing clients and individuals.

On the move, Heat Recruitment’s CEO Steve Preston commented: “I am thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Heat Recruitment into the Smart Solutions Group. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in our journey. The integration of Heat Recruitment not only strengthens our position in the market but also opens up new avenues of opportunity for both professional development and business expansion.

We believe that this collaboration will not only enhance our capabilities but also foster a dynamic environment for innovation and success. The diverse skills and expertise brought together by this move will undoubtedly drive our collective achievements to new heights.  I am truly excited about the prospects that lie ahead. This venture has set the stage for a robust and thriving organisation, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

A big thank you to all those who have been involved, the commitment, loyalty, hard work, and dedication throughout this process have made this happen, and together, we are poised for a future filled with growth, prosperity, and continued excellence.”

Rob Webb, CEO of Smart Solutions, also added: “The acquisition of Heat Recruitment into our Group is extremely exciting for all those involved, as it presents a fantastic opportunity to diversify our portfolio and accelerate our services into a period of sustainable growth. What initially interested us in conversations with Heat Recruitment was their specialism in professional services, and it is essential that we retain the brand, identity, and expertise offered by the company.

The integration of our companies allows for a collaborative pool of resources, by coupling the professional services offered by Heat and utilizing the expansive back-office functions within the Smart Solutions Group. This move gives Heat Recruitment the platform to be able to take 18 years’ worth of diligence to the next level with the corporate backing of a £100+ million turnover group of companies.

It also allows for the geographical expansion of the Smart Solutions Group with offices based in both Bristol and Manchester, coupled with a heavy corporate presence across UK cities such as London. The integration of our companies into a wider family is part of a strategic vision that goes beyond financial investments and focuses on the development of our people and its services.”