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Heat Recruitment Lotus Award Winners

by Chris Birtle

For the 2nd year running we have been recognised by the Lotus Awards for our dedication to maintaining and developing a sustainable working culture that puts our employees at the heart of every decision.  We pride ourselves on creating a culture that balances professionalism and strong work ethics with quality of life and job satisfaction.


We promote Healthy competition amongst teams and individual consultants in the business.  This ensures that individuals are constantly motivated, work and push each other to become the best that they can be.

We have achieved a low turnover of staff through the ongoing support provided by the Heat Recruitment Training Academy and actively listening to individual staff problems and working with them to overcome them.

It’s important for us to enjoy our work. At Heat Recruitment it’s about having fun and the feeling of satisfaction that goes with a job well done. We understand the long hours and commitment each individual puts into becoming a successful Consultant, so we regularly reward our staff and encourage a healthy work life balance.


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