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Heat Recruitment announces continued remote working

by Heat Recruitment

Heat Recruitment is proud to continue offering their staff to work from home after the pandemic. 

The last year has seen some drastic changes, and for Heat company culture is of great importance and something we as a business have had to learn to adapt to more flexible working conditions, while keeping our workplace culture intact. Because of our successes throughout the uncertain year and the admirable adaptation with productivity levels, we are proud to continue offering remote working.

We caught up with our HR Manager Hollie Thomas to discuss Heats decision and how the wellbeing side of things will continue to be centralised even when working from home.

What motivated Heat to incorporate working from home full time?

We want to give everyone the opportunity to thrive in their role and part of that is, where possible, offering each person the option to work in a way that suits their individual needs and life through a hybrid working model. We have a strong set of company values and encourage people to be accountable, so we want to give people the opportunity to do that. We ask each person in the business to embrace and demonstrate a growth mindset and it is important the business and leadership team does this too. We don’t want to go back to doing ‘the norm’ just because that’s how we’ve previously done it. We saw this as a great opportunity for us to not only positively impact the current workforce but to attract a more diverse pool of talent who otherwise may not have been able to commit to the pervious working setup. Working from home doesn’t appeal to everyone, but neither does working in an office fulltime so we want to enhance accessibility, treat people as individuals and let each person work in the environment and to the structure that suits them without impacting our service.

How will this benefit the company?

This is a change that has made many of our employees happier, and happier employees naturally benefit their company through contribution to culture, productivity and performance. It is a small step in encouraging more diversity in our teams and attracting talent we may otherwise have not had the opportunity to engage with.

How will this benefit the staff?

It will give them more flexibility, freedom and responsibility over their working week. We see it as an opportunity to help them to balance work with the other things that are important to them and with the right continual support, positively benefit their wellbeing.

Has lockdown been the motivator for incorporating WFH?

We created a new flexible working strategy back in 2019 and were phasing in additional flexibility at different stages over a 12 – 18-month period. We had been progressing through each of the stages as planned when the pandemic hit and forced the final stages of our strategy earlier than planned. We had a fantastic IT infrastructure pre-pandemic, so we were already setup perfectly for remote working. While it wasn’t the main motivation for us offering more flexibility, the lockdown and restrictions imposed definitely catapulted our plans forward. Whilst we had some reservations about it, we were able to trust in the processes we have in place, trust in our culture and fundamentally trust in our people, with the result being an increase in performance. It also demonstrated to us that we could break the traditional mould most recruitment companies work to and offer even more flexibility without having a negative impact on our service.

How will the wellbeing side of things continue to be monitored through WFH?

Regular contact has been key and something we will continue to maintain. It is important to us that contact is not based solely around performance, we ensure we check in with each other from a wellbeing perspective and encourage virtual social contact too. Our whole wellbeing strategy is being reviewed and redesigned so that we can prioritise wellbeing for all regardless of whether they are regularly in the office or not. We run a health and wellbeing survey annually which allows us to look at trends and areas that we can develop and through the year we encourage open conversation about wellbeing and ask for feedback. It is important that employees know we care about their wellbeing and actively want to give them the support and resources they need to thrive.

What does the new working from home policies mean for you?

It’s really exciting to work in an organisation that embraces change and does it with the employee experience at the forefront. I’m sure there will be challenges when the restrictions end and the new hybrid model is officially launched, but I know that challenges provide an opportunity for growth for me personally, the HR department and wider business. I can’t wait until the new model is fully embedded when the restrictions end as that is when everyone can really make the most of the flexibility and reap the benefits.


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