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Go:Tech Winners Stories: XMOS

by Heat Recruitment

In 2018, Heat Recruitment were fortunate enough to show their support for the annual Go:Tech Awards. The evening was superb and we managed to have a chat with some of the winners.

XMOS won the Advanced Engineering Award. We caught up with CEO Mark Lippett after their win to find out a bit more: 

  1. How does it feel to have won at the Go:Tech Awards?

We’re thrilled! It’s such a honour to have won the Advanced Engineering award at the Go:Tech Awards. This recognition of our engineering capability and innovation in voice made our big-thinking, small team exceedingly happy.

  1. How would you describe your experience on the night of the Awards?

The awards evening was a delight and the team had a terrific time. The venue was stunning and ceremony itself was well hosted and engaging. Georgie Barratt’s enthusiasm for tech was wonderful, she was a witty, bright, sparky speaker.

The evening also gave us the opportunity to get to know some of the other companies working in and around AI and machine learning and we never get tired of talking tech!

  1. What are your company goals for next year?

We’ll kick off the new year with CES in Las Vegas. We’ll be demonstrating our voice processors and showcasing some of the many commercial implementations our clients launched to market last year, using our voice capture technology. We’ve got a busy year ahead, helping new and existing clients embed a voice interface into their products.  We’ll plan to roll-out some enhancements to our existing tech and announce some new developments. Our focus remains on developing the best voice and natural human machine interfaces and exploring how a range of sensors can further improve the experience.

We have a strong position in a massive market that we’ll aim to maintain. Our goal is to stay focused on what we do well. Here’s to another busy and exciting year!

  1. What kind of advice would you give to a fellow tech enthusiast wanting a career in the industry?

Do it!  It’s such a fast moving, exciting space. It’s a learning environment, full of creative people who are opening up a world of new possibilities. We spend every day problem solving and proving that ‘it can be done’. There’s no such word as ‘can’t’ when you work somewhere like XMOS – what’s not to love about that!? Be prepared to fail – success involves a lot of frustration and failures along the way. But that’s ok and in this industry it’s expected: if you’re not failing then you’re not innovating enough.

  1. What is one piece of past technology you’d love to see trending again?

I love seeing vinyl come back. That crackle and pop sound as the needle hits the record is irreplaceable. I also miss the old fashioned, red telephone boxes—they’re so iconic. I’m delighted to see a lot of them being restored and used for new purposes. There’s a phone box cake shop in the Scottish Highlands, a library in Lewisham and even a pub in Cambridgeshire. Maybe we should make one into an Alexa hub!

  1. In three words, describe how you feel about the future of technology.

Optimistic, Curious, Excited.

  1. Are there any challenges, as a company, that have taught you valuable lessons?

Stay focused and don’t get distracted or discouraged. Start-ups are always an interesting ride, and you can count on bumps in the road. Look after and listen to your people – they’re your greatest asset.When we moved XMOS into voice technology, it presented very different technical challenges to any we’d previously experienced. The voice AI space is particularly complex—many different puzzle pieces have to slot into place in order for the hardware to work as it should. We held to our absolute belief it was the right way to take the company forward. We hired some more great people into the team and we’ve become much more focused on partnering as we help our customers understand the new technology and develop their own solutions.

  1. What inspired you to get into the tech industry?

My background is in electronics and electrical engineering—it’s a field that’s always fascinated me. I was originally attracted to its intricacy and complexity, and it’s an interest that’s led me to a twenty five year career in technology, many of which I’ve spent working on silicon. Taking up a leadership position in the tech industry has been immensely fulfilling—no two days are the same and it’s a fascinating challenge.

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