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Go:Tech Winners Stories: AVID Technology

by Heat Recruitment

In 2018, Heat Recruitment were fortunate enough to show their support for the annual Go:Tech Awards. The evening was superb and we managed to have a chat with some of the winners.

AVID Technology won the Clean Tech Award. We caught up with Director, Iain Young after their win to find out a bit more:

  • How does it feel to have won at the Go:Tech Awards?

We were absolutely delighted to win this prestigious award in what was a highly competitive category. The award is also testament to the professional and dedicated team at AVID and great recognition for our growing brand and reputation as a technology leader in the field of vehicle systems electrification

  •  How would you describe your experience on the night of the Awards?

It was a fabulous evening in a high class venue. We thoroughly enjoyed mixing and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

  •  What are your company goals for next year?

To build on the success we’ve had during 2018, further expand our product range and ramp-up our production facilities to meet the hugely growing demand for electrification from the automotive market.

  •  What kind of advice would you give to a fellow tech enthusiast wanting a career in the industry?

Follow your dreams, never lose that passion and creative mind-set, and do not be afraid of set-backs on your journey as this is a key part of your learning experience.

  •  What is one piece of past technology you’d love to see trending again?

Vinyl records.

  • In three words, describe how you feel about the future of technology.

Dynamic, exciting and ground-breaking.

  • Are there any challenges as a company that have taught you valuable lessons?

The need to constantly innovate and differentiate to maintain market leadership but also to attract and retain the best talent pool.

  •  What inspired you to get into the tech industry?

The fact that it is fast-paced, forever changing and can have a real positive impact on people’s lives as well as the environment.