Go East – New opportunities as demand for Quality UK Wealth Advice Increases

by James Ackland

In the current, post-recession market, the candidate has more and more choice over where they progress their chosen career path.

With all the options available, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go. Combine this with advances in technology and travel, and the horizons are limitless. People’s job search parameters are now extending to a global scale. With people trading Great British weather for the Great Barrier Reef and East Anglia for East Asia.

For Financial Planning professionals especially, the opportunities are growing daily. With many people living abroad these days, looking for the high quality financial advice they were used to in the UK can be hard to come by.

In an un regulated environment, such as East Asia, can you trust the Financial Advice you receive? Everybody from your next door neighbour to the cat across the road seems to be offering you ‘tailored financial advice.’

This has left the door wide open for UK-qualified Financial Advisers and Relationship Managers who are looking to tap into a new market. Businesses alike have noticed the void, and are moving swiftly, with some of the UK’s market leaders having already landed in the East.

These advisers are providing relationship-based advice and are committed to helping people manage their wealth in a way that reflects them and their personal circumstances, in the professional manner to which they are accustomed.

There is also the opportunity for Financial Services professionals who do not hold the Diploma in Financial Planning, but have the competencies and understanding of FCA regulation and UK values with regards to Financial Advice.

If you are a UK-qualified adviser, or an experienced relationship manager who would like to discuss opportunities in East Asia, during this exciting time, please contact Heat’s Financial Services division on 0345 375 1747.

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