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by Heat Recruitment

Our CEO Steve was a speaker at this morning’s event: The future of Bristol as a regional capital.

The event explored how regional capitals are developing their city areas, urban regeneration, transport and infrastructure plans to build the regional capitals of the future.  Heat had a speaker on the panel to work with a series of public and private sector partners focused on the following key areas:

  • Inward Investment
  • Recruitment
  • Regeneration
  • Retail and leisure offering
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Devolution

“We need to increase our offer to compete with other centres & sell ourselves as a powerhouse”

The 5  top things we learnt:

    1. There is a massive demand for more office space – only 400,000 sqft in Bristol currently available, which doesn’t allow for the growth we need on a regional level.
    2. Bristol have been voted the top place to live in the UK and we now need to promote this in order to attract business to the region and top talent who have ambitions based on quality of life and work/life balance.
    3. We need a joined up travel infrastructure as a city and region, currently the length of the commute is one of the top things on a job hunters wish list, and we need to offer something competitive in and around the city.
    4. We need transport links from the city to the airport to trade on a global scale.  Is a monorail the answer? 
    5. The election of the Metro Mayor is crucial to the development of this city, this is a great opportunity to take more ownership for budgeting and future planning for the region.


Let us know your thoughts on what your biggest hurdles are for developing in the region, what would make the biggest difference to your business?