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Falling into a Claims career in Insurance

by Heat Recruitment

Falling into a Claims career in insurance

As Recruiters within the Insurance Industry, we’ve spoken to many Claims professionals over the years, and have come to realise that most of the people that we have spoken to fell into a career within Claims rather than purposely choosing it as a career path.

Recently it got us thinking, that the hundred or so times that people have told us “I actually hadn’t thought about a career within Claims. I was looking for a new role and change of direction, and I was approached by someone in the Industry who said my skill set and experience would suit a career in the Insurance Claims Industry”. If it’s an Industry that no one is looking to enter, then why is that once you are in it, you become a lifer…….!?


A) What is so great about an Industry that no one seems to know about?

So we went about asking some of the candidates that we have really good relationships with;

  1. How did they get into the Claims Industry?
  2. What do you they enjoy about dealing with Claims?
  3. What do you get out of being within the Claims Industry?

You guessed it, when we asked individuals from junior to senior level how they got into the industry the overwhelming response was “I fell into it purely by accident”.

So hopefully we would learn more from the responses to questions B and C.


B) What do you enjoy about dealing with claims?

“I enjoy dealing with Claims because it gives a varied and interesting workload, and a genuine satisfaction from helping someone when it could well be a difficult time for them”

“From an admin point of view, when you are dealing with the claim from start to finish you get to see how insurance works, what is involved in the process, and how having insurance actually benefits the policy holder with a legitimate claim.”

“Every day is a different day dealing with a new claim, new people and I enjoy facilitating the whole process and assisting customers with their claim”


C) What do you get out of being within the Claims Industry?

“A competitive salary, a good holiday allowance and a good pension scheme.”

“A well paid salary, company benefits, get discounts at a lot of places.”

“Job security, salary and the opportunity to gain realistic personal development.”

From talking with these people we get the overwhelming feeling that the Claims Industry provides someone with everything they are looking for in a career; the opportunity to work with autonomy, to help people, to gain new skills and develop yourself, as well as a stable career with a healthy salary package.

So if you enjoy helping people, problem solving and variety in your daily role then Claims could be the career for you. It is time that people started shouting about this industry, as the UK Insurance Industry employed 334,000 people in 2015 (according to the ABI) and everyone that we have spoken to has highlighted that it is a rewarding a long term career with plenty of challenges and interesting characters.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Specialist Consultants if you are interested in finding out more about a career in or enhancing your career in the Insurance Industry.

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