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How to excel at an interview with Good Questions for your interviewer #NCW2017

by Chris Birtle

Remember to prepare Good questions for the end of the interview so that the Interview can see that you have prepared properly for this meeting.


Through years of experience within the Recruitment Market, Heat Recruitment has accumulated a list of Good Questions to ask the Interviewer. Asking appropriate and insightful questions makes you stand out from other candidates and keeps you fresh in the mind of the Interviewer (decision maker).

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Avoid yes or no questions and avoid questions that are so broad that they are difficult to answer. You don’t want to stump the Interviewer when you are trying to make a good impression and develop rapport.

The aim of you taking in a list of well thought out questions is to make the Interviewer think (always relative to the role), “Wow, that’s a good question”.

Interviewers and the organisations that they represent want to recruit and hire people into their vacant roles, people who can join and make a positive difference to the Company. By asking well-prepared and thoughtful questions, you can demonstrate that you are one of these desired people.

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