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With exams ever looming here are out 5 Top Training Tips for Revising

by Heat Recruitment

It’s that time of year, with exams on the rapidly approaching horizon, but how you can make the best out of your time to get the best results?

1.  When revising always stop every 45 minutes, it recharges the brain. This should be a short stop, say 5 minutes, never slog through a 3 or 4-hour session without breaks – it will hinder your long-term memory.

2.  If you are doing a written exam, do not answer the questions in order, do your best questions first. This will give a great impression to your examiner and will mean that if you run out of time you are doing so on your least favoured questions.

3.  If you are in a training session and you do not understand something ask the trainer to give you an example that is NOT in the book (if you understood the one in the book you would not need them to give you a new example!)

4.  If you are attending a revision session workshop, make sure you have worked out in advance what area of the syllabus you are struggling with, then if possible email the trainer in advance asking them to cover this subject matter, or if it is not on the agenda, then ask them for a few minutes of their time in a break to go through this with you.  If you do not know the tutor’s email address, then make a point to see them, with your request, before the session starts.  Do not just hope the tutor will cover your problem topics, you must be proactive, this is your day and you are the customer!

5.  When you are being taught, about a specific subject i.e. ‘insurance covers’ always make sure your trainer provides with clear practical real-life examples of how this works i.e. ‘how claims have occurred’.  All too often training courses remain theoretical and those attending are unable to apply their knowledge in real-life settings. So, make a point of asking the trainer for some real-life claims they have experienced, this will help you sell the policy. If you cannot see how a claim can occur how can you ask the client to pay a premium for the product, if you do not understand it they certainly will not.

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