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Ethical interview tips to help employers improve diversity

by Heat Recruitment

Diversity is a hiring hot topic of the moment – and for good reason. In 2018, McInsey identified that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15 per cent more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.

It makes business sense to encourage diversity, whether you’re looking to improve gender representation in your IT business, seeking to hire candidates with disabilities or opening up your corporation to members of the BAME or LGBT+ community, true diverse hiring starts at the interviewing stage. Below we highlight some top ethical interview tips to ensure best practice:

Overcoming unconscious bias

Unconscious bias refers to natural biases that allow instinctive reservations about candidates from certain sub-cultures. These aren’t necessarily hateful instincts and you can be doing it completely unintentionally. However, there are ways to avoid this from the offset.

Is it time to throw out the job descriptions prior to interview?

In an era of high employment, candidates have more power than ever. With that in mind, if they are pursuing the job market, is there anything more off-putting than a long list of responsibilities? Chances are if your roles are being sought out, candidates understand the fundamental basic skills they need, in order to be considered for the role.

Instead, home in on the three top attracters: job title, salary and geographical location. Candidates seek convenience and will often pick out these details straight away. If you have some great perks to add… even better.

If you’re not quite ready to completely scrap the job description – we get it, hiring professionals have relied on them for decades – then ensure you are careful of the types of key words put into it. Studies have shown that language used can deter certain candidates – particularly women.Words such as dominant, aggressive or competitive, for example, could be switched for more inclusive and neural adjectives like driven, leading and ambitious.

Blind CV’s

Blind CV’s are a trend sweeping the nation. Consider removing names from CV’s and basing your opinions solely on the content provided. This can help to remove any unintentional gender biases, allowing you to pick the best person for the job.

Studies have also shown natural reservation towards foreign sounding names, so perhaps taking it out of the equation in the early stages is an easy and straightforward way to make an unbiased and well-weighted decision.

Video Interviewing

Conducting interviews via video can be a fantastic way to remove the nerve-wracking aspect of the job interview and see the true colours of your candidate from the start. Of course, the most blaringly obvious advantage of online interviewing is the ability to remove geographical boundaries and increase your talent pool. Finally, the sheer convenience and ease of recording your answers at home can be highly beneficial for candidates with disabilities – removing the need to travel for a preliminary stage interview.

Consider a diverse hiring board

Moving away from processes, have you considered that your hiring team could be putting off potentially diverse candidates? After all, subconsciously if a candidate doesn’t meet anybody who resembles them or meets a factory line of white, middle aged men along the way – how can they be sure that they can truly fit into that corporation.

Naturally improving your diversity levels will organically diversify your team. Gut considering bringing a larger range of the team on board to assist with the hiring, interviewing and introductory period, could prove highly beneficial.

Varied testing methods  

If testing is required for the role on offer, it’s important to remember there are a range of different responses or preferences to types of testing. The last thing you want to do is alienate members of your talent pool by only using one form of testing. For the best overview using a range will allow you to view a plethora of results and responses to give each candidate a fair and equal chance to perform to the best of their abilities.

Here at Heat Recruitment, we believe in equal opportunities for all and do our upmost to help you find the perfect role. Get in touch with our team of expert recruiters today.

by Lucy Evans