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These are the best computer programming jobs that don’t exist yet

by Heat Recruitment

It could be said the best computer programming jobs don’t even exist yet.

In a world powered by digital technology, programmers are the fuel that keep all systems running as they should. From the smart phones in our hands to the planes in the sky and the self-checkout machines in the supermarket, it’s easy to take for granted the critical role they play in society – yet, if not for programmers, the world would be a very different place.

After all, it is computer programming that put man on the moon, and it is computer programming that enabled an AI named Watson to understand natural language processing and become the first computer to win Jeopardy against two world-champion humans.

Sitting at the forefront of technological advancement, the career options of a qualified programmer are changing as we enter a new era of computing.

Quantum computing software developer

Quantum computing may still be in its infancy, but already, tech giants such as Google are rolling out open-source initiatives that encourage developers to build code for some existing quantum machines.

QISKit is the programming language for quantum computers, and while it may be more difficult to learn (operations involving many qubits are naturally hard to grasp) it is said to be significantly more powerful than any existing coding language. Coders equipped with the skills to write original programs in QC will be high in demand, though this will not replace the need for software developers in other fields such as smart phones.

Robot programmer

As manufacturing firms rush to innovate their processes and integrate automation, a skills gap is becoming increasingly evident. After all, robots may have the potential to streamline processes on the factory floor, but they’re useless without specialists to program and train them.

Unlike quantum computing, the tricky part of robot programming is not writing the basic code. Rather, the difficulty in this role lies in observing what the robot does when you run the code and determining why it is not behaving as you would expect. While the job of a robotics engineer is already creeping into existence, it deserves a mention as one of the most predominant computer programming jobs of the future.

AI programmer

While it’s true that artificial intelligence and automation will replace certain roles in IT, designing machines that simulate human intelligence is a skill that the next industrial revolution depends upon. Due to the number of ‘moving parts’ associated with interconnected technologies, we can expect to see a spike in the demand for experts who can code the systems to bring the disparate pieces together. AI engineers will require the ability to learn and master new technologies and code with ease, whether their focus is a manufacturing environment or a creative pursuit.

Automation may take over low level code and allow for rudimentary changes to be implemented easily, but the introduction of AI into IT will just push software developers to think at a higher level of abstraction.

As new generations of operating systems and languages begin to emerge, coders who are well-versed in a variety of languages and quick to adapt by nature will be those who get first pick at the best programming jobs. In this brave new world, coders who don’t want to risk extinction as technical dinosaurs would be wise to keep a finger firmly on the pulse and a focus on the future.

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by Monique Vorster