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The Changing Face of Digital Marketing

by Heat Recruitment

2017 has now firmly arrived and we have all sat back down to our desks, surrounded by emails and piles of digital paperwork to attend to. So, what has 2016 done for Digital Marketing?

2016 was a great year for the Marketing sector in the UK. The year has seen a shift in the marketing world with Mobile becoming ever more prominent, as more and more companies use mobile to communicate, offer and sell to their customers. Mobile display advertising has taken over traditional desktop display advertising (the first half of 2016 alone saw £802 million spent on mobile display compared to £762m on desktop). Mobile web browsing has also overtaken desktop for the first time, with the latter now holding a mere 48.7% of searches compared to mobile 51.3%.

This change can be seen throughout the online world and the shift from traditional web to mobile web is becoming more apparent. Of course, for advertisers, this presents a huge opportunity to reach a far bigger audience than would have been possible through traditional media. M-Commerce, Application Development, Paid Social have all increased hand in hand with the increase in mobile marketing, meaning marketing positions are becoming more and more frequent, both in house and agency side.

This may all seem minor, but it has caused a change in the way companies are developing their strategies and more importantly, how they are hiring their staff. According to one study, 81% of Digital Agencies in the UK have increased their workforce in 2016! This is a massive increase and has created more ‘specialist’ agencies than were previously available. Right now, in London, you can visit a mobile specialist agency, a PPC agency, an SEO specialist agency, and a Social Media agency all in one morning! This has of course increased competitiveness and has meant that lots of smaller agencies are looking to find their niche in the market.

All this change means that jobs, along with agencies, are becoming more specialist. It is less common to find an all-round marketing executive, as they are now qualified by the type of digital marketing that they do. This is especially true in agencies, where the terms PPC Executive, SEO Account Manager, Biddable Manager, Display Account Managers and Paid Social Executives etc. are now commonplace titles within any agency environment.

So, whether you are an experienced marketer looking for a change, or a recent graduate looking to find their own Niche or just want to catch up about current trends and demands please do contact Heat Recruitment to speak with one of our specialist consultants.

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