Bristol has the highest digital tech turnover per person in the UK at £320,000. What does that mean for IT jobs?

by Heat Recruitment

The past few years have seen the biggest growth in Bristol’s tech community to date. Between 2006 and 2016, Bristol has annually produced new digital technology business, growing by 283% and still continuing to rise steadily.

This growth is boosting the economy, moulding tech experts and adding a healthy amount of jobs to the Bristol economy. It’s no wonder the profile of this fantastic city in on the rise. A helpful increase has certainly come from the numerous tech clusters who continue to spoil our community with mind-blowing innovations from companies such as Reach Robotics, Zeetta Networks and so many more.

Innovations in technology

Bristol has previously been ranked sixth in Europe’s top 10 tech ‘super clusters, appearing above significant cities such as Vienna and Rotterdam. The diverse range of tech companies choosing to base themselves in Bristol are improving networking opportunities and cross industry synergy, simply by being there.

Thus is the nature of tech clusters, this closeness is boosting investment and profitability. In fact, in 2016/17 Bristol and Bathboasted an impressive £109 million worth of investment – raised primarily by its tech businesses and start-ups. 

Job vacancies and talent

Of course, with the technology industry growing rapidly in Bristol, it’s natural that more tech-based jobs will become available. With this, businesses will attract both local and wider talent, as people come from far and wide to enter a booming city that is experiencing the positive multiplier effects from a thriving tech economy. The expansion of the current tech space will also increase productivity in this particular sector of business, spurring digital turnover and profits, not to mentioninnovation

Alongside this, businesses will also be able to retain talent better as the companies continue to flourish and offer better employee benefits.

Making use of the ever-growing talent pools from the local universities, these tech companies will continue to attract fresh graduate minds, utilising their education and insight in order to improve business performance whilst remaining relevant and competitive, and also boosting youth employment in Bristol.

 The Bristol Community

Higher revenue and larger contributions to the overall Bristol business community could potentially create wider opportunity in the local area. With the reputation of Bristol growing, and more job opportunities being introduced, the community is set to benefit from this healthy growth with an influx of ‘techies’ and creative talent. 

With some other cities experiencing a hit to their economy and high streets, it is reassuring that Bristol’s thriving tech sector will continue to nurture top-tier talent and produce earnings that can be injected back into the community in 2019 and for years to come.

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by Amber Rowbottom