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Rugby and Recruitment?

by Heat Recruitment

Yes! The double R’s have more in common than one might think.

With ever-growing marketing strategies, brand awareness is yet the key to a successful business – because at the end of the day “a trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising” – Mark Zuckerberg
At Heat, we have a strong, target driven and sports fanatic team, so naturally, our perfect fit was to sponsor a sports team. When the opportunity came to sponsor a Premiership Rugby team ad align our brand with the Bristol Bears, we didn’t think twice! We always felt the synergy was there, just like in rugby, recruitment needs strong, goal oriented and ambitious team members, with everyone having the same goal in mind to make our business drive forward.

To build a successful recruitment business, as with Rugby, you need to instill and bring together a competitive spirit, team focus, goals, strong principals and passion. “The toughest thing in business is to build a culture and team spirit that is true, honest and works day in day out” – Steve Preston (MD of Heat Recruitment)

Finding a way to brand your company is imperative but being able to connect that with your business carries much more weight because you want to make sure that your business is attracting the right crowd.

So, if your company is considering sponsorship, make sure to get your brand out there to the right organisations, asking yourself 4 fundamental questions:

1. Who is your audience?
2. How can your brand help your audience?
3. How is your brand different?
4. What is your company’s mission?

Remember, your company brand is the face of the business and needs to sum you up in one go.
Marketing strategies are often built around brand promotion and awareness, which is especially crucial for the reputation for your business.

Sponsoring a team/event is a fantastic way of getting your brand name in the open and getting your business advertised through another partnership. A carefully selected sponsorship agreement with another business/team you feel shares similar values, principals, and crucially a customer base can help add value to your own brand and open your organisation up to new business opportunities that may not exist through other channels.

A big part of our decision to sponsor Bristol Bears was the prospect of seeing the Heat Recruitment logo on the shirts of players during televised games. That said, one thing we perhaps overlooked was the strength of Bristol Sports own marketing team who are relentless in the promotion of their club and subsequently promote their sponsors. An example of this was walking to Cabot Circus from our office and seeing our logo being prominently displayed on the shirts of one of Bristol’s star players as part of a matchday promotion. The location of this particular billboard was perfectly placed in conjunction with our office and had a positive impact on our internal recruitment for new consultants.

So whilst sponsorship can sometimes be seen as a leap of faith in terms of their ability to yield measurable results, a carefully considered one can prove to be a leap worth taking.

By Daniella Klein