Bank Holiday’s – Your guide to getting career and job search fit

by Heat Recruitment

Getting things done on bank holiday can be tough given that it’s a public holiday, however, when looking for jobs, it’s a goldmine, a given day!  Not only do you have the time to look for other jobs, it also sends the recruiters a clear message when compared to other applicants. I’m committed to finding a job.  You can also use this time pro-actively to make sure you are Job Search Fit i.e. ready to get that all new career.

Here’s Heat’s Top Tips for making sure you set off on the right foot and make the right first impression.

1.     Updating your LinkedIn Profile – 20 minutes

Updating your LinkedIn profile is often a task that you never feel like you have enough time to get around to, but a Bank Holiday is the perfect time to update it! It’s key to make sure that you have a professional photo, along with all of your latest qualifications.  Ensure that you have your latest employer as your current position and that all the proper, details, description of your current role, dates and achievements are listed.  Make sure this is done!  A half-finished look might well reflect on you.

2.     Update your CV – 45 minutes

Updating your CV is perhaps one of the most valuable tasks you can do on a Bank Holiday as it defines you and your ability. This is usually the first thing your future employer will see and that means that this is of the utmost importance. This is your one chance to make a lasting first impression.  You can utilise your LinkedIn profile to make the foundation and then build upon it.

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3.     Make sure Heat Recruitment has your CV – 5 minutes

Ensure that Heat has a copy of your CV, as this means that you place yourself at the forefront of the minds of our Consultants, to be notified of current or future roles. We are always on the lookout for brand new talent and by making sure that we have your CV and most up to date details, means you are making sure can we navigate to the best quality applicants so we can find you the perfect fit.  You can also setup a Heat Recruitment – Job Alert account by registering at, which will ensure that you are notified of the latest roles in your area of choice.

4.     Look at up to date qualifications – 60 minutes

Training shows the same to any recruiter or company hiring… A willingness to learn. This is one of the fundamental areas to consider when looking for a job, and looking to update your qualifications can be a quick and easy task on a Bank Holiday. Consider when you last took some training for your career, and even if it was a year ago, there is always more to learn.

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5.     Are your other social media platforms application ready – 15 minutes

The last thing your future employer wants to see if they are searching for you on social media is your crazy nights out. They’d prefer to see someone that who would reflect well on the Company from an outsider point of view.  This means that a Bank Holiday is the perfect time to do some more of those smaller tasks like this. It’s simple yet enhances your chances of getting a job, as it could hinge on this!  Make sure your profile picture looks okay and isn’t too rude / non-business like.  Employers want to see unique individuals and personality, but not the reason you are pulling a sick day, partying or voicing your opinion about someone.

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Bank Holidays are a time to relax and chill out with friends and family, however, if you are thinking of a career change, either now or in the not too distant future, a Bank Holiday is a good way to prepare and is a good use of your time.