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Are you hiring the right staff?

by Heat Recruitment

When it comes down to it, how can you be sure you are hiring the right staff for your business? The hiring process is a long one: from drafting a job description, to advertising a role, to interviewing… all the way to induction. Given the length of the process, and the competitive job market at the moment, this creates a lot of pressure.

And the decision-making process is made even more difficult when you factor in the cost of a bad hire – when considering the losses linked to hiring, training and time taken to get used to the role, it really is imperative to get it right.

During times of low unemployment, it is more important than ever to futureproof your business, taking into account the long-term positions that may become available and building an effective talent pipeline. Recruiters can help with that, so in order to ensure you are hiring the right staff, take a look at our top tips:

Do they fit with your business culture?

Of course, talent takes priority when making the all-important hiring decisions. However, you should also consider the longevity of the employees you hire, it can really pay off to ensure their personality fits into your working environment as well. How can you do this? Use your interview process to ascertain this as part of a friendly conversation. Find out more about the candidate and what they enjoy doing in their spare time – see if this aligns with your culture and what you do within your company. Finally, if you have time, give them a tour of the office to encourage conversations and to allow the candidate to get to know the team.

Do they have the potential to grow?

2019 is all about staff retention. When faced with a skills shortage the need to train and develop your staff consistently to meet all the needs of your business is important. When interviewing your candidate, be sure to make clear to them any training and development opportunities in-house – you will soon gauge how keen they are to learn on the job. Progression opportunities should be outlined from the offset. Not only will this reassure the candidate that there is a future for them in the business, but it allows you to determine their enthusiasm and longevity potential.

Are you being too binary?

Soft skills are the new ‘next big thing’ in recruitment. Transferrable skills are not only vital for the performance of your candidates, but hiring outside of your comfort zone can also have its benefits. Cross-industry hiring, for example, could offer up a candidate with a wealth of experience and innovative ideas that they can apply and develop within your industry too. Soft skills such as communication, time-management and organisational skills should not be overlooked for the sake of a binary job specification. It can pay to widen the net a little.

Are you missing out on high-value candidates?

In a candidate-driven market, it is common for the right staff to have the ability to drive a harder bargain and negotiate their salary higher. After all, you’re competing in the war for talent. It may well be the case that you are missing out on the top-tier candidates due to the inability to afford the fluctuating salaries across most sectors. However, there is some good news. The emphasis on perks is growing daily – and this could be the difference between negotiating a new employee or not. If you don’t want to salary match, consider offering flexible working conditions, additional holiday or in-house incentives such as team days out. Not only is it an attractive proposition, but rolled out to the whole team, this could also boost morale and retention considerably.


If you need any assistance on improving your recruitment process we have put together an Employer Resource hub, with information and dive on recruitment and interview strategies. Or you can speak directly to one of our recruitment team.

by Ross Bennett