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A Competitive Market.

by Heat Recruitment

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Brand protection is a constant worry for any company. It can take many years to build up a sound reputation, but this can be lost almost in an instant.

Protecting a brand means more than just shrewd marketing and advertising. This can help build up an image, but it can’t all ways protect it. The most sure fire way to maintain a reputation is through the conduct of your actions.

Job interviews are not only an opportunity for perspective employees to sell themselves, but also for employers to reinstate or even improve their image. When conducting an interview it can be easy to forget the concerns of the candidate, but something as simple as giving good feedback to an unsuccessful applicant can not only aid the candidate but leave your firm in a positive light in their mind.

News and opinions travel faster than ever in the digital age, and with the onset of social media people’s views can be aired in public in an instant, which can include emotional, knee jerk reactions. If a candidate feels mistreated, this could be viewed by and echoed by friends, which could include contacts within the industry.

If a company gains a reputation for mistreating perspective employees, then in many minds it would follow that they could mistreat current employees or even customers. In a time of heightened unemployment there are dozens of job seekers applying for every vacancy. Feedback to every applicant cannot always be possible, but for those who reach interview stage it’s important to show your company in a positive light, regardless of whether they will be taken on or not. This can be from a gesture as simple as personalised feedback along with a rejection letter, or being respectful to candidates at each stage of their application.

If word spreads that interviewees have had a negative experience from their application then not only can it damage your companies reputation, but as a result, in a future hunt to fill a vacancy, many could be put off applying due to the negative experience of others meaning that the ideal candidate could go begging.

As brand protection is key; choosing and working with a recruitment agency that understands these potential pitfalls, whilst doing its utmost to protect its Client’s brand throughout the recruitment process is crucial and fundamental to ensure the preferred representation of your brand is shown.

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