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7 signs to identify that your career is growing

by Heat Recruitment

It can pay to be aware of the tell-tale signs that you are on your way up. Taking into consideration these key points can allow you to capitalise on them to progress your career.

  1. Is your office growing?

Size may not be everything, but it’s certainly a good point of reference for growth. If you are noticing new departments, fresh faces and an enlargement of resources, it’s a good sign that your company is investing heavily into development. If this is the case, make sure you keep on top of new opportunities or areas of development that you can align your career aspirations too.

  1. Are more perks on offer?

With 80 per cent of workers favouring additional benefits over a pay raise, career progression isn’t always black or white anymore. In fact, companies are really seeing the value in improving their perk offering to their staff to improve morale and retention. If you find yourself one of the lucky employees being offered greater flexibility, more holiday or wellness benefits, then it’s likely you are worth keeping – so maximise these opportunities (and don’t be afraid to make your preferences known).

  1. Is your boss leaning on you more?

Extra work can certainly be stressful. However, if you are finding your name popping up on the additional work list, and you find your team relying on you more and more – chances are you are one of the trusted and competent employees to go to. There’s a fine line between reliance and taking advantage however, so don’t be afraid to say no, ask for more remuneration or request a career progression plan so you are rewarded for your additional hard work.

  1. Are your performance reviews exceptional?

A positive report card at school was a sure sign you were heading for the top grades. Not much has changed since you entered the working world either. In fact, if you are finding your feedback and reviews blush-worthy and exceedingly positive, you’ll know you are heading for that next rung on the career ladder. Just ensure to ask for productive objectives so you have clear direction for progression.

  1. Are you being put forward for more career opportunities?

If your company is in a state of flux, and is experiencing growth, chances are you may have been approached by your manager about upcoming internal opportunities. Internal referrals are worth their weight in gold and most corporations favour this type of progression. If you think your career can benefit, go for it and most importantly, know your worth – your manager wouldn’t be recommending you if they didn’t think you were more than capable for the role.

  1. You’re outgrowing your position?

Unfortunately, managers aren’t always exceedingly observant and may be missing out on the signs that you have outgrown your position. If you find that you have really advanced and are hitting and exceeding all goals and targets, there is no shame in approaching your boss yourself. After all, if you enter that conversation with proof of what you are doing well, it only helps to build your case for a pay rise or promotion.

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  1. Wait a minute, I’m not seeing any of these signs…

Perhaps you are not the lucky receiver of any of the key indicators above. Short of approaching your manager for a personal development meeting, you may also come to the conclusion that perhaps this isn’t the business for you. If this is the case, don’t panic – this doesn’t mean your career isn’t progressing. You may well have better luck in a different role.

If you would like to explore your options, or are considering a career move, our friendly team at Heat Recruitment are well-equipped to help with your search.

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by Dave Bell