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5 ways to stay ahead of the job market

by Heat Recruitment

It’s a competitive out there and staying ahead of the job market can be tough. Despite that, the current economic climate is proving to be primarily candidate-driven. It’s a good time to maximise your potential, see what’s out there and strive for your next opportunity. But, how do you stay five steps ahead in order to stand out from others when it comes to that all-important interview?

Stay up to date with current industry news online

The internet is a fantastic resource for industry news, current events and in-depth articles. The nature of news has proliferated into a global and constant stream of updates. Staying up to date with what’s going on in your sector will help you get ahead of your competition – particularly when it comes to relaying this information in a job interview.

It can really pay off to separate your personal from your professional. Set up new social media accounts to follow key players, news outlets and industry influencers, as well as to share your own professional insights. Connect, engage and communicate with people in order to maximise your exposure to trending pieces.

Network your way to ‘being known’

Never underestimate the value of face-to-face networking. There may have been a slight decline in attendance at physical events, due to a rapidly expanding and interconnected online network. However, the best way to make an impact and remain memorable to key contacts is to introduce yourself, share words and socialise.

Making the effort to attend these events, scoping out the right people and interacting with them is a great way to demonstrate that you’re a proactive person. You’re making yourself seen and heard, and who knows when these connections could approach you with an opportunity? One thing is for sure, if you never meet, they can’t get your full personality from your LinkedIn profile alone. Perhaps most importantly, networking events are fun! Get out of the house, let your hair down and chat about your industry of interest.

Read trade press

Whilst national news outlets such as the BBC, Guardian or Telegraph are vital and varied, you’ll find the best in-depth industry insights in the trade press. No matter the industry you cover, whether it’s recruitment, engineering… bird watching even – there is a trade publication for you.

Not only will these publications delve into trending topics, but they will be written by expert figureheads in the sector. Don’t hesitate to follow the journalists and business leaders on Twitter and LinkedIn too – chances are if they write about sector-specific topics, they will also share some interesting articles personally.

If you’re a busy person, the majority of trade press have newsletter subscriptions. These offer bitesize daily round ups of the key articles that day, week or month. These can be consumed on the commute to work, or whilst relaxing on the sofa in the evening.

Select a Recruitment Agency that understands your industry

Whether you’ve used one before or not, never underestimate the value of using a recruiter – namely a specialist one. Not only do recruiters spend their time scouring the job market for you, matching your skills to your ideal profession and helping you finesse your CV. As well as this they interact constantly with clients and corporations within your sector of choice – this is a valuable network for you to tap into. With over 40,000 recruitment agencies based in the UK and growth year on year, it can certainly be hard to take your pick. Here at Heat, we pride ourselves in having departments that are fully dedicated to their sector of choice. Our consultants are friendly, approachable and highly versed in their specialisms – staying up to date with key industry insights that they would be more than happy to chat to you about over the phone. We like to get to know our candidates to ensure a perfect culture fit in your new role.

Utilise LinkedIn to its full potential

LinkedIn has over 250 million monthly active users and has made a reputation for itself as the professional social network of choice. However, many members are not using it to its full potential. Make your profile visible to recruiters to stay open to new opportunities – don’t worry, your current employer and team won’t be able to see this. Also, consider upgrading to a premium account to enable you to send targeted InMail’s and view who has been perusing your profile. Knowing somebody has been on your profile is a great conversation starter.

Another handy feature is the article service. If you are consuming industry insights and keeping up to date with what’s happening in business, you’ll start to form your own personal opinion on these events. So why not vocalise this? Be sure to publish short and long-form articles to improve engagement and get a conversation flowing amongst your network.

Utilising these simple tricks will allow you to get a full handle on your sector and to connect with the right people. When you’re ready to consider a new opportunity Get in touch with our team

by Aaran Hodges