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5 ways to enhance your career opportunities:

by Heat Recruitment

Whether you’re already in the career of your dreams, or considering a change down the line, it’s always wise to keep yourself open to new prospects. We don’t mean actively looking at job ads to see what’s around; actually, there are some more efficient ways to continuously emphasise your appeal. 

1.) Work on your personal-brand

Businesses have a brand identity that embodies everything they do, so why shouldn’t you have the same? When considering a career change or even a promotion, you are trying to actively sell yourself, and as with every good sales pitch, there are ways to improve your chances of a sell.

A great place to start refining your brand is by cleaning up your social media. Over half of hiring managers will flit through a candidate’s social media before making (or rejecting) a hire, and with increased use of social media, that figure is only set to grow. Make sure all of your platforms are professional, appropriate or otherwise private.

Another great habit to practice is keeping your CV up to date. A useful task is keeping a note of your responsibilities and achievements at your current job to add efficiently. That way, if you’re approached or you find a great opportunity, you are armed and ready with a complete CV and a great range of attributes, that will make part of  your elevator pitch.

2.) Network

If you have a fear of the unknown and don’t try your hand at networking, it definitely may be time to face your fears once and for all. Not only are networking events great for making new relationships and improving your knowledge of the industry, but they allow you to become a ‘familiar face.’

The more you are appearing at the right places, chatting to the right people and offering your own insights, the more people are going to consider you for opportunities or praise or recommend you to others.

3.) Increase your skillset

Consider the term ‘every day is a school day’ as your ethos going forward. Continuous self-improvement is one of the most impressive attributes a worker can have. It indicates motivation and positive productivity.

There are many ways to improve your skills: you can consider a training and development programme, participate in a course, or source a mentor. If you’re not up for a time-consuming challenge, remember, employers value soft skills as well as hard. You can always work on your time-management skills, read books or listen to industry-led podcasts; these are easy and effective way to widen your knowledge net.

4.) Make a five-year plan

It may seem corny to set aside time to write down your dreams and ambitions, but a detailed five-year plan is a great tool for success. Not only will it improve your focus and open your mind to potential avenues, but it gives direction and relative benchmarks to measure yourself against.

Review your progress every six months and re-evaluate goals if necessary. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not progressing as planned, life is full of hurdles. As long as you’re still heading in your desired direction, it’s likely you’re still growing. 

5.) Use a recruitment agency

If you’re finding that you still aren’t receiving the opportunities that you really want in your career, it may be useful to consider an agency. Recruiters are experts in their industry, have a wide pool of client contacts and have access to the opportunities that you desire. They are also more than willing to help you out!

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by Ross Bennett