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5 Things to include in a cv

by Heat Recruitment

Did you know that the average recruiter receives 250 CVs per job? It is unsurprising that on average they only spend 5 to 10 seconds looking at each CV, so the big question is “what to include in your CV”.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make sure your CV is the one that moves into the progression pile in just 10 seconds?

While ensuring you have a well-written cover letter and well-formatted and laid out CV, there are certain ‘buzzwords’ and phrases that often jump out at recruiters. In this article, we look at 5 Things to include in a cv to make it stands out. We have also picked out five things that we recommend you avoid.

The good…

“I have transferrable skills in…”

Faced with a skills shortage, recruiters aren’t necessarily looking for a like-for-like candidate to match to a job description. In fact, if you can evidence how your skills can translate to another role it shows attention to detail and savvy thinking.

“I am reliable because…”

Everyone wants a candidate they can rely on – especially recruiters who are reliant on you too! If you can evidence how you are consistent and not flaky, you may find recruiters investing a little bit more time into you and your application. 

“I have delivered…”

False promises are the worst. In fact, recruiters love hard facts. Whether it’s projects you’ve completed, profits you’ve helped build or something new you have bought to your role, evidencing outcomes will only help build your professional profile.

“I have managed (or supervised) a team of…”

Responsibility of people indicates trust, organisation, personable skills and dedication. We will leave it there. What’s not to love?

“I am open to progression opportunities also”

Longevity potential might not be something you think recruiters are looking for as, in the long term, it takes you out of the available talent pool. Contrary to what people believe however, recruiters do care about your career. They also care about nurturing their relationships with clients. If they can provide a candidate who is able to rise through the ranks, it shines a very positive light on the agency, who are taking into account what their clients need.

The bad and the ugly…

“I am amazing at…”

Whilst we can appreciate you may be amazing in everything you do, why not prove it rather than state it? Self-fulfilling adjectives are a turn off. We would much rather see how you’ve been amazing throughout your career. Let your experience speak for itself.

“I am motivated.”

This is one that we see, that often doesn’t have a follow up sentence. Given the fact that you can be motivated in a number of avenues, it’s vague and gives us little insight into you as a person. Are you motivated to get out of bed in the morning? Do you go above and beyond your job role to help and assist your peers? Or are you just motivated in certain aspects of your job? As you can see, each motivation describes a very different type of person. If we are to accurately match you to a job that you love and that challenges you – we simply need a bit more insight into your key drivers.

 “I am primarily career driven.”

Again, there is nothing wrong with being this, but we see it all the time. It’s time to inject a bit of personality into your CV. What else drives you? We’re aware that money makes the world go around, but are you interested in helping local charities? Do you have an obsession with sports? Outlining your interests allows us to make a company culture match easier, and it also makes you memorable.

“My multi-faceted experience is…”

What does that mean? How are you multi-faceted? Are you wearing many hats? Again, we get this all the time and nine times out of 10, when asked, candidates will struggle under pressure to outline their many professional faces. Instead, plan your key areas of differentiation and outline how your different experiences have aided your personal development. The proof is in the pudding.

“I’m a great team player, but also work well as an individual.”

Great! But, that kind of goes without saying as you are applying for a job in a team. This is one of the most overused phrases in the book! Fundamental skills like team work don’t need a special mention in your CV, as each word used is taking up vital space.

To help you get started we have created a free CV template to build the CV to get that dream job.

Our Killer CV Builder

by Aaran Hodges