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5 team building activities that provide skill enhancement

by Heat Recruitment

Team building activities can be invaluable for forging workforce relationships, building bonds within teams, and bolstering internal skills and communication. These days, there are so many different ways to do this – from fun games to singular activities – allowing employers to encourage their workforce to grow professionally. We’ve provided 5 team building activities to help you get started

Team Building Games

Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Out of the plethora of team building activities and games available, this offers the perfect balance of freedom and challenge. The workforce is split into equal teams and given a bingo sheet of different tasks to complete. Just like bingo, the teams must first attempt a line, then two lines and finally a full house. As the stakes get higher, be sure to appropriately reward the teams who successfully complete each round together.

Skills learned: The beauty of this team building game is that you can make sure the teams work on an array of skills personalised to your specific company. If you are wishing for more of your staff to confidently communicate with the public, you can add a task in that requires demonstrating this ability in order to win.

The Egg Challenge

Of all the team building activities, the egg challenge is certainly a classic. The aim of the game is to protect your egg. Staff break off into teams and use equipment, materials and tools found around the workplace to build a cage or other form of egg protection within a given time frame. Once all completed, the eggs will be dropped from a small height and inspected to see the damage. The winners are those whose egg has withstood the fall.

Skills learned: As well as encouraging leadership, these kinds of team building activities force people to think on their feet. Combining creativity with resourcefulness and quick-thinking, this could be a perfect exercise for those who are client-facing or need to think quickly when asked questions.


There are many team building activities and games that are based on certain scenarios. A popular one at the moment is taking the team to an escape room and have them work together to complete it. However, a much lower budget scenario game is Survival.

Create a small environment that resembles any kind of survival situation you can think of and print off pictures of objects and lay them out across the scene. Staff can then split into teams and each must take turns choosing an object that they think they would need to survive the situation. Once they have picked their objects, staff must negotiate with other teams in order to exchange items to gain the rest of what they need or each other’s pile.

Skills learned: Playing Survival is a great tactic to encourage staff members to think strategically and increase the ability to negotiate deals. The game also enhances leadership technique as each team needs a leader to keep the peace in case things get out of hand.

Team Building Exercises

Dragon’s Den

Instead of just using games to encourage skill growth, singular team-building exercises like Dragon’s Den can provide the company and its team with a lot of useful skills and insights. Dragon’s Den involves staff either getting into small groups or individually thinking of something which would improve the company. What they then must do is pitch their ideas to senior staff. The winner usually gets their idea implemented.

Skills learned: This team-building exercise gives staff the ability to grow on their leadership abilities. Their ideas that they put forward will be to benefit the workforce and will thus identify what is needed internally. This exercise also improves the ability to speak in public as well as presentational skills.

Blind Drawing

Blind drawing is an excellent team-building exercise that is low budget as well as a quick task that can be done at any time. Staff sit back-to-back and one has a piece of paper or whiteboard while the other has a name of an object. What the individual with the object name must do is carefully describe what the object looks like while the other draws what they are hearing.


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