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10 years in Business and what have I learnt? 

Now some that know me would say I have not learnt that much, and I’d be the first to agree. That said, you can’t fluke 10 years in business with a huge recession in the middle of it without a small amount of learning in there somewhere. So here’s my 10 tips for making a successful business.
  1. Remember time is precious, no-one, no matter how rich they are can buy it, so make the most of it, plan to get the best out of every day
  2. Understand what your competitors are doing but do not obsess about them, there will be other successful people in your marketplace – accept it, embrace it and above all stay focused on your own objectives
  3. Your good days can rapidly become your bad days but the key here is to remain positive and learn from the experience, as the bad days quickly turn into the good days
  4. Relax, have fun and enjoy the journey – there is no point stressing, it only stresses those around you and you are likely to make the wrong decision
  5. Make more right decisions than wrong ones – What I mean by this, is that there is no shame in make a wrong decision, we all do it, the trick is to learn from it quickly and crack on
  6. As a business owner you operate quite a lot in areas of the unknown, especially as the business grows, learn to embrace the fear, turn the fear of the unknown into a positive experience
  7. Make it fun and enjoyable for people to work with and for you – after all they have chosen to join your organisation and give their time to you
  8. Buy good coffee – you work lots of hours, so make sure the quality of the office life is there
  9. Have strong processes, good suppliers and train your staff well, after all this is what will carry the business forward
  10. Make memories – have times that you can look back on with fondness and that bring a smile your face
  11. (Eleven) – Under-promise and over-deliver, manage the expectations of those around you and those who are your customer base

Being in business is a constant learning curve, so you may as well embrace it and work on the basis that so long as you are learning, you are moving forwards.  Learn from those around you and let others learn from you.  Now I don’t know what the next 10 years’ will involve, but I can be sure that they will include all of the above… plus a little bit more learning!