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Working in Recruitment

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Working at Heat Recruitment

Our History

Steve Preston set the business up in 2005 following a 12-year career as a Royal Marine. The company’s first office was very different to what our Consultants enjoy now, first based in Steve’s back bedroom, before moving to a larger premise – a Lithuanian Log Cabin situated in the back garden.  This cabin would become the home of Heat Recruitment for the next 3 years and enabled us to grow the business to 6 billing consultants.


We have since relocated 4 times in order to keep track of demand, revenue growth year on year and increasing headcount. Due to this continued growth, we have moved into a new, larger, state of the art office located in the heart of Bristol.

Ping pong table in the HEat office

Our Culture

We believe that a successful business is defined by it’s culture. We are working towards becoming a high-performance culture where everyone is accountable.


Our values

Passion, Integrity, Partnerships, Excellence & Fun


Our Approach

Our approach to drive performance comes from investing in and developing our culture, as we believe that engaged, motivated and ultimately happy employee’s will lead to delivering a superior customer experience.

We developed the way we implement change by engaging our employees in the earlier decisions and having them form a project team who could provide input. Then helping role out change across the company.


We encourage regular feedback to help us improve.  We have quarterly feedback reviews for everyone in the business which help form part of a personal development plan. This includes Directors receiving feedback from employees at all levels.

Working at Heat Recruitment

True flexible working and hybrid remote working available – Ensuring everyone has a healthy work-life balance by offering true flexible working and the technology to work remotely


Working at Heat Recruitment

Four Duvet Days – One unscheduled day of holiday a quarter. These days allow you to prioritise your mental health and continue to improve everyone’s work life balance.


Working at Heat Recruitment

Personal Development Plans – Regular feedback to help us improve.  Everyone has quarterly feedback reviews which help form part of a personal development plan.


Working at Heat Recruitment

Cutting edge systems and technology – We have invested in a brilliant system and cloud-based technologies to make your job easier



Working at Heat Recruitment

Autonomy and Ownership – You will be trusted to build your desk and manage your own customers in an ethical and professional manner. We dislike micro-management and believe this limits growth. Therefore, we are clear on expectations and trust our employee’s to deliver.

Working at Heat Recruitment

Interesting and Niche Vertical Markets – We operate in interesting and niche vertical markets you will become a specialist in one of our five sectors.



Working at Heat Recruitment

Fun office environment – Recruitment is difficult so we want to make the office an enjoyable and fun place to work so we have table tennis, breakout area and onsite gym


Diversity. Inclusion.

They are much more than just words for us.

Heat Recruitment is committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered. We look for the best talent who want to develop, improve, and learn throughout their careers. There is not a ‘one size fits all approach’ to recruitment so we encourage sharing interesting and creative ideas and celebrate every win. Giving everyone the opportunity to express their feedback and opinions is crucial to the growth of Heat Recruitment.


Throughout our recruitment process, we solely look for talent. Incredible talent comes from different backgrounds. We look for our core values (Passion, Integrity, Partnerships, Excellence and Fun) within everyone we bring into the business.


We do not want to shy away from the fact that the recruitment industry, like many industries, lacks diversity however we are on a journey to change this. We encourage all our employees to understand what unconscious bias is, how to avoid gendered language in adverts and look for new talent using innovative sourcing tools.

Your wellbeing

We all have bad days, it’s only natural. Heat has been voted one of the happiest places to work for in Bristol, so we try to stay positive and upbeat (or should we say upheat) but if you do find yourself feeling low we have weekly wellbeing drop-ins to help support you where we can. Work-life balance can often be a challenge, especially when tackling a job and having a job at home with taking care of family, which is why we offer flexitime at work and a duvet day per quarter that can be taken at any time. We have a fully equipped gym specifically designed for our team members which is another great way for you to bond outside of your working hours while staying active and upbeat. We hold regular and individualised 1-2-1 catch-ups, helping you to build and uphold a solid relationship with your line manager, providing you with the chance to raise any concerns or feedback that you would like to disclose confidentially.


At Heat we recognise the importance of focusing on wellbeing, creating a healthy work/life balance, focusing on better health and wellbeing, making people happier, productive and more focused in the workplace.


Regular emails are sent out on subjects around wellbeing. The HR team are also there to provide ongoing support to any issues relating to wellbeing and hold weekly drop-in sessions. Giving you access to 24/7 phone support.


Your opinion matters at all time, which is why we give you constant opportunities to give us your feedback through regular meetings. Giving you another platform to share wellbeing ideas, visions and all-round company improvements. Our HR team send out regular surveys to improve any wellbeing programmes that are held, providing you with weekly wellbeing newsletters, updates and trends. We’ve got various workshops that are run throughout the year, focusing on mental and financial wellbeing. Heat also hold lunch and learn workshops that are set up to empower employees in different aspects. Each employees input is valuable, we want you to feel involved in the changes that get implemented at Heat Recruitment.

Enjoy the Heat with our Holiday scheme

We encourage you to take holiday, which is why you have a holiday scheme designed that allows you to take 25 days plus 8 bank holidays, which is a total of 33 holiday days off in a year. When you reach your second year of service you get an increase of one day per year up to the 6th year where you get 30 days (38 if you include bank holidays).


After 5 and 10 years of your service you are entitled to a sabbatical which grants you to have one full month off in addition to your entitled holiday, we only ask for you to come back refreshed and ready to share your story.

Charity events and Giving back to the community

At Heat, we are very active with our charity work throughout the year. We proudly organise an annual charity Golf day where all funds raised go to one of our longest-standing charities.


We work hard to give back to our community, where we frequently host charity-related events. We go so far as to grant everyone in the business to take off a day to make the world a better place, by joining an organisation of your choice for a day and help. We get behind bigger campaigns but ultimately the bulk of what we do goes into the local community, to help support the smaller business.


We have a moral duty to use help others which should be rooted in our personal values and principles. This is reflected in Heats values of integrity and partnerships. We have the power to improve the lives of others and reinforce our own personal values on the way. A little bit of help from people – goes a long way.