How to become a Trainee Recruitment Consultant in Bristol

As a Trainee Recruitment Consultant you will have the opportunity to work alongside Global and Leading National Organisations whilst providing a professional service to thousands of Professionals across the country.  As part of a leading Specialist Agency you will conduct sales calls to prospective and existing clients and candidates while maintaining ongoing relationships, conducting Candidate interviews and Client meetings.  Recruitment can be an exciting and rewarding career. 


Chapter 1: Why work in recruitment?
Chapter 2: Why become a Trainee Recruitment Consultant at Heat?
Chapter 3: What do we look for in a Trainee Recruitment Consultant?
Chapter 4: What characteristics make for a great trainee recruitment consultant?
Chapter 5: 5 Top tips for becoming a successful Recruitment Consultant
Chapter 6: The Heat Recruitment Culture

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Chapter 1:

Why work in recruitment?


The recruitment industry is worth approx. £35.1 billion per year to the UK economy and is a market which is continuing to grow. It requires a great deal of hard work and dedication so isn’t for the faint hearted. There are several factors that make recruitment an attractive prospect and sees sales professionals migrating from other industries to join the recruitment market.

Many of the Heat consultants have transferred their sales and client relationship skills from a variety of different roles and industries, including property, automotive, banking and telemarketing.

Whilst successful in their respective fields there are several standout reasons they decided to make the jump and join Heat.

Career progression is something that many people desire but can often become diluted along the way in some organisations. Our career progression is structured and transparent, consultants are aware from day one of what they need to do to take the next step in their career and given the training and support they need to make it happen.

From our Training Academy, through to our Fast Track and Future Leaders training schemes; we teach the true art of recruitment; strengthen relationship building, sales, negotiation and data research skills to build a solid foundation for a long and prosperous career.

Autonomy is something we all expect as adults but sadly many professionals don’t experience it. Organisations want the best employees who will deliver fantastic results but often lose those individuals because they micromanage them and restrict their growth.

We believe in providing our staff the professional freedom to essentially run their own business within a business. Our consultants love this way of working and this is what ultimately allows them to take advantage of our knowledge of the recruitment industry to flourish and take control of their own progression.

Sales roles are heavily targeted but even with expectations high, the commission and recognition structures can fall flat in some industries and this can be demotivating. We keep basic salaries at a good market rate whilst rewarding with an excellent uncapped commission structure that begins from day 1 in the role.

In addition to the monetary potential, there are prizes, bonuses and treats given throughout the year that adds to the buzz and great team atmosphere that we enjoy. Our team is a perfect mix of healthy competition and strong team collaboration, something which is rare to find in the sales environment.

We have an exciting year of growth ahead so if you are considering your future, talk to us about making the jump into recruitment.

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Chapter 2:

Why become a Trainee Recruitment Consultant at Heat?


With the recruitment industry worth approx. £35.1 billion per year to the UK economy and predictions of up to 7% growth this year, it’s no wonder so many recruitment agencies are actively looking to strengthen the number of consultants in their business.

For those keen to establish a career within recruitment, it can be quite overwhelming when searching / applying for these positions, with each agency specialising in different sectors with their own individual approach.

Utilising social media, we gathered feedback from our followers and ran a Twitter poll asking what was more appealing when looking at potential new employers; the salary / bonus scheme or a good working environment. It was positive to see that a good working environment was the overwhelming choice, with 73% of the votes.

Other independent surveys have highlighted the desire for extra holiday, access to fitness facilities, free snacks and social activities / games rooms as perks that professionals would like to see offered in the work place; all things our employees enjoy.

Here at Heat we take pride in our work and strive to deliver a positive impact on the recruitment process for candidates and clients and believe this should be extended to our employees too. We have a fantastic team of consultants and regularly reward them with further training courses and competitions for their hard work and commitment, encouraging everyone to maintain a healthy work life balance.

We don’t believe that someone should have to sacrifice a higher salary or bonus for a good working environment, which is why we offer both including a 30% uncapped commission structure along with many other great perks, such as 33 days’ holiday.

Direct from our consultants, we found out why they believe Heat is the best recruitment agency to work for in Bristol:

1. Our team

The professional relationships we build can have a huge impact on our work and have the ability to help make or break a career.

“I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to spend my week with.”

“Having a close-knit team really makes a difference, I regard all of my colleagues as close friends which makes enjoying the highs even better – but importantly they also help you get through the lows!”

“I knew straight away that there was something special about Heat from the moment I came for my first interview. Every person I met greeted me with a smile and seemed genuinely happy and I didn’t see that anywhere else:

2. Progression

Progression opportunities are highly sought after, with most Recruiters stating it as an important factor in their search for a new role.

“Routes for progression are completely transparent, you know from day one what you need to do to take the next step in your career”

“I’ve been given two promotions and now work as a senior on the desk all within 18 months. You get offered the chance to take on extra responsibility when you work hard”.

3. Rewards

We encourage a professional yet fun environment and regularly reward employees. We enjoy summer and winter company events, top Consultants lunches, consistency rewards and not forgetting our uncapped commission structure.

“I counted and I’ve received 5 pay rises on my basic salary over the last 18 months!” 

“I didn’t even have a tux when I first started at Heat and now I’ve been to 4 black tie events over the past year including awards ceremonies and charity dinners”.

“The incentives, competitions and prizes are great and are only getting better. In the last year, I have won:

  • Ski Trip
  • 47-inch TV
  • Set of Speakers
  • Kindle Fire
  • £75 voucher for an award-winning restaurant”.

4. Training

From our training academy, teaching the basics of ‘The art of recruitment’ to our fast track and future leaders scheme, we value the importance of training and ongoing development.

“I’ve learned so much here, the training has been great. I was even shown email management when I first started here which is so helpful but not something others would take the time to do”. 

“Usually when you join a company the training fizzles out after a few weeks but here its ongoing and you’re always adding to your skills. The Managers really get the need for it and encourage you to learn.

5. Autonomy

Once we’ve delivered our training and you’ve been given the tools you need, you are given the independence to develop them further. We don’t believe in micromanagement, we support our staff and encourage them to create their own solutions.

“I’ve worked in a few different offices and have always been restricted to working to a structure that the companies had set and didn’t want any deviation from. Here, I’ve been encouraged to think creatively and work the way that best suits me to achieve my outcomes”.

“It’s a business within a business, where you’re given the tools and training to become a specialist in your sector”.

When looking for your next career move, take the time to think about and write down what is important to you and what you are looking for from the role and organisation you join. If you are clear on this from the beginning, then you are more likely to find and apply to the roles / companies that are the perfect fit for you without comprising what is important.

Recruitment is a notoriously high pressurised environment and requires a lot of hard work and drive to be successful but if this is the kind of environment that you thrive in then the fun, rewards and career opportunities at Heat are fantastic.

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Chapter 3:

What do we look for in a Trainee Recruitment Consultant?


Looking for someone who has set themselves goals and targets in life that they strive to achieve. They need to come onboard understanding that hunger, a desire to learn and hard hard work is required to succeed, not only in the first 6 months but on an ongoing basis.

They need to be prepared to go above and beyond to make a success in recruitment and to reap the rewards that go with that

We are seeking hungry, driven individuals who are customer focused and are prepared to go the extra mile in order be successful.

If you have a proven track record of hitting targets or have a passion for sales please get in touch.

    • Drive
    • Ambition
    • Passionate about other things / interests outside of work (sport etc. that show competitive edge / go-getter approach)
    • Personality / someone likable – would I buy into them based on our conversation
    • Career focused
    • Money driven / competitive
    • Someone who enjoys working towards targets / sets their own goals
    • Outgoing, Sports people, driven by money and status.

Chapter 4:

What characteristics make for a great trainee recruitment consultant?


Remain positive:  A positive attitude towards your new career will put you in a good place to do well within Recruitment. Any negativity reflects in your work which will in turn show in your over productivity/output/quality of work.

Listen:  Within this business there are some very good consultants amongst the various desks and through to the top management level. People are always willing to help you and give you advice to help you succeed within recruitment and achieve your goals and key motivators.

Relentless:  To do well in this job you will need to be relentless. The difference between someone achieving OK billings and someone taking home large commission cheques every month is a simple case of applying what you have been taught, and ensuring that your productivity and work ethic is relentless day in day out. This is a very rewarding job when it is done right, but you have to work for it if you want it.

Be honest: Don’t try and give off the impression you know everything. Ask clients and candidates to explain to you exactly what they do or what the role requires and how their businesses work and operate. This will make you knowledgeable and you won’t have to be something you’re not.

Ring everything: Clients and candidates. Phone fear is something that needs to be shown the door as early as possible. Candidates will explain to you about their roles, how their company differs in operation to others and will tell you where they are interviewing and provide you a chance to approach companies on their behalves. Companies are the place to go for BD and engaging in meaningful conversations is essential, building relationships, getting to know the who is who in your industry and creating chances for you to recruit.

Realise that recruitment isn’t a quick win: I spent the majority of my first year, until the latter stages struggling to think how I would make money in recruitment with a small fee here and there. The process of recruitment is so complex and vast that you must remain patient. Reflect on your successes and more importantly your failures. Work as hard as you can at anything in life and you will get it- within reason. Recruitment is know different.

Build a process: Build yourself a process, regularly analyse it and be critical

Stay hungry: Always keep the desire to want more and to better yourself

Come in early: I got in at 7am every day for the first 6 months. This gives you access to the top candidates and also means that you have more hours in your day to fit everything in.

Do the Basics: A fundamental part of recruitment that has allowed me to progress quickly. Concentrating on doing the basic things from your training and don’t focus on billings too early. Yes, billings and money is great but you won’t start to bill a decent amount of money unless you have mastered the basic tools to recruitment.

The first in and the last to leave: Easier said than done but I have made most of my money from picking up candidates first thing in the morning. You are competing against every other recruiter who comes in at 7:15am as well as your colleagues. The hard work will pay off

Keep your productivity high: Even if it’s not coming off straight away you are building a pipeline that will eventually be fruitful

Don’t take things at face value: If something doesn’t sound right or you don’t understand probe for more clarity, avoiding things will only bite you further down the line!

Do it even when you don’t want to: Sometimes you won’t want to make awkward or difficult calls but it’s important to do it anyway, most of the time its never as bad as you think it will be and even if it is- learn from it.

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Chapter 5:

5 Top tips for becoming a successful Recruitment Consultant


The first quarter of the year has been a successful one for the UK job market, according to a report by CV Library, including a huge increase in applications of 28.8% when compared to Q4 2016. Not only has the market continued to grow but research has highlighted that job vacancies, applications and average salaries have all experienced growth in the period from January to March.

This is fantastic news for both our economy and for current and budding Recruitment Consultants. With many agencies actively hiring new talent and so much competition in the industry, how can you stand out from the crowd and ensure your success?

Our top consultants have shared their tips for a successful career in Recruitment:

  1. Be honest – “Don’t try and give off the impression you know everything. Ask clients and candidates to explain to you exactly what they do or what the role requires and how their businesses work and operate”
  2. Listen – “Listen to your training, your team mates, your candidates and clients! This will help you build a solid knowledgebase that you can refer back to and ensure you can deliver a quality service”
  3. Dedication – “Keep firmly focussed on your goal and what you want to achieve and build for your future. If you don’t stay dedicated you won’t get there”
  4. Be relentless – “It’s a tough industry with lots of competition so keeping productivity high and constant will be the difference in being an okay Consultant or a fantastic one”
  5. Have fun – “It is a challenging career but one surrounded with a lot of great people, perks and the chance to build a name for yourself within the industry. Enjoy it!”

Chapter 6:

The Heat Recruitment Culture


At Heat Recruitment we have worked hard to develop a high performance culture that is focused on delivering results to our customers on a consistent basis.  Our consultants have achieved success through maintaining a relationship driven mind set, to ensure that they are converting as much of the work they do into placements (happy candidates) who positively impact on the businesses that they join.

The importance of data:

The teams are provided with real-time metrics by using the latest in recruitment resourcing technology.  This allows all of our consultants to understand how they can influence every stage of the process.  Everyone is encouraged to consistently reflect and adapt their working methods, so that their clients get the best service in the market. We are able to run regular training sessions, in our high tech training room, to address specific areas of improvement based on this data ensuring that even our most experienced consultants continue to develop and improve.

A Quest for Excellence:

Consultants are constantly pushing themselves to deliver the best candidates for their roles and provide their clients with a seamless recruitment experience and find them the perfect fit.

The standards at Heat Recruitment are extremely high and the team are able to maintain these through being given autonomy within their roles, to problem solve and understand change when it is needed or required to deliver a customer focused solution.  Individuals are always aware of market changes and they always look to the future in order to predict market shifts.

Clear Goals

Consultants at Heat Recruitment are proud to show how many customers they have helped and we are constantly communicating how the business is performing and how each individual’s performance leads to the overall success of the business. We have a common goal across every division to become the best recruitment consultancy working within the Professional Service and IT markets.

Motivation and Culture

Healthy competition amongst teams and individual consultants in the business is always encouraged.  This ensures that individuals are constantly motivated, work and push each other to become the best that they can be.

We have achieved a low turnover of staff through the ongoing support provided by the Heat Recruitment Training Academy and actively listening to individual staff problems and working with them to overcome them.

Through engaging with our staff we have put in place in a number of benefits that allow them to enjoy a healthy work life balance.  Some of these are:

  • A Competitive Basic Salary with a very attractive Commission Structure, to receive up to 30% of your billings
  • A Quarterly Bonus Structure to reward consistent performers
  • Target related Salary increases – to put you in control of your salary
  • Annual Ski / Training and Development Trip
  • 33 Days Holiday Including Bank Holidays – increasing to 38 days on years’ served with the company
  • Clearly mapped career path
  • The Heat Training Academy designed to help you achieve your personal goals
  • Top Billers Lunches every quarter with the MD of the company
  • Incentivise; Latest Tech TVs, Soundbars, Go Pro, Apple TV, Michelin Star restaurants, VIP Sports Events and many other social events
  • Management training programme
  • 2 Annual Company events – Summer and Christmas – always entertaining!
  • 1 Month fully paid sabbatical after each 5 years of service
  • Free Fruit delivered twice a week and Tea and Coffee on tap!

trainee recruitment consultant bristol jobs