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Head of Operational Services MH/LD


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Rate £475 - £525

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Interim Head of Service Adult Social Care MH/LD

General Operational Tasks

To note that the role has operational management over the LD&A Team and line management
responsibilities. The role has oversight and governance over the MH team which is delivered by ELFT, but not day to day management which is provided by ELFT. As such there are no direct reports in the MH team to this role.

  • Review S75 arrangements for the provision of MH social work which LBC has delegated to ELFT
  • Put in place interim performance measures and specification for the current year 23/24 based on existing arrangement and precious specification
  • Ensure that all elements are monitored, and work closely with LBC & ELFT colleagues to rectify any performance and data collection issues
  • Lead on the development of a new S75 Partnership Agreement between LBC and ELFT working closely with strategic leads in each organisation
  • Review financial arrangements underpinning the s.75/contractual arrangements and work with the Trust and LBC to ensure costs are in balance with contract value, in particular supporting the development of a plan to mitigate AMHP overspend
  • Review financial arrangements underpinning the S75 arrangements between ICB and LBC to ensure sufficient staffing resources are in place to meet increased demand in LD&A team.
  • Be the key lead in LBC for Learning Disability Operations and oversight of Mental Health social work, whereby the delivery is delegated to ELFT
  • Ensure that best practice in social work delivery is in place and provide support, in partnership with ELFT, for areas requiring improvement
  • Support the two organisations to strengthen their partnership working, through improvement plans and collaboration
  • Oversee the panel process and joint funding arrangements between the 3 partners of ELFT, LBC and ICB
  • Oversee the LBC budget for MH and LD and drive efficiencies and delivery of savings
  • Work with commissioning and ELFT S117 Programme lead to improve placement provision
  • and S117 processes and performance
  • Contribute to the development of a new Target Operating Model for adult social care which is under development.
  • Support the development of processes, and culture change to implement the new TOM.

Deliverables within 6 months

  • Establish an in year 24/25 specification and KPIs (based on a historical specification & developments in neighbouring boroughs)
  • Ensure a balanced budget for LD and MH LBC spend
  • Agree a S117 policy (in draft) with ICB and ELFT
  • Agree a refreshed joint funding protocol with ICB, ELFT and LBC
  • Drive improvements in data collection and reporting to ensure all data is provided on a monthly basis
  • Draft a new S75 Partnership Agreement for 24/25
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