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Helping you find the right engineering talent for your business

Looking for engineering talent? Heat is an engineering recruitment agency helping businesses in the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, civil, mechanical, oil & gas and related industries find the talent they need to grow their workforce with the right talent. We pride ourselves in finding the most hard-to-find engineering talent whilst managing the recruitment process to get you the hires you need on board, quickly and easily.

Discovering the top engineering talent

Step 1: Identify your talent needs

From the shop room floor to the boardroom, we can help you source the UK’s most highly coveted engineering talent. Our consultants can support you across a variety of roles, these include:

– Design engineers & managers
– Design draughtsmen
– Quality engineers & managers
– Quality inspectors & technicians
– CMM operators & inspectors
– Continuous improvement professionals
– Production engineers & managers
– Operations managers
– New product development
– Maintenance engineers & managers
– Technical sales engineers & managers

Hire top engineering talent

Step 2: Submit a vacancy

Whether you’re looking for temporary cover or a permanent employee, remote working or plant-based, our engineering recruitment agency consultants will help you choose the right engineering hiring or resourcing option that’s fit-for-purpose to your unique requirements.


We understand engineering and will identify the right background and experience to add talent and not just ‘heads’ to make sure your business is equipped for the future.

Step 3: Let us do the heavy lifting

Many of our consultants have a background in the engineering industry. This makes them ideally suited to identify the right talent for your needs. Our engineering specialism means that we are often aware of or are working with engineering talent that is not actively searching for roles.


We’ll get you a candidate shortlist in just a few days and we can organise interviews to be conducted on-site or via video interview. All of our candidates are pre-screened, compliance-checked and selected based on both technical and soft skills.

Engineering recruitment

Step 4: Welcome your new engineering hire to the firm

In a constantly changing environment, having good talent is essential but having the right talent can make the difference. We can help you with your Industry 4.0 initiatives, letting you welcome your new talent onboard quickly and seamlessly – generally within a month!