A guide to IT salary trends

The Heat Recruitment IT Salary Survey is your definitive guide to IT remuneration trends and salaries across the UK. Our research is based on industry trends and the thousands of recruitment and job searches performed each year, providing you the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.


The IT sector continues to grow across discipline and industry, which is creating more opportunities for businesses and professionals alike. However, with increased hiring and a dwindling talent pool, finding the right candidate remains the biggest challenge facing IT hiring managers in the year ahead – and there are no signs of this abating.

This talent shortage is having profound impact on businesses, many whose growth ambitions rely on the availability of IT talent to contribute to transformation and digitalisation projects. Competition to attract the very best is fierce, with those offering enhanced work-life balance, including flexible working on top of a competitive salary and benefits winning the war for talent. Companies that provide a smooth and efficient recruitment process are therefore best positioned to secure the most highly sought after talent on the market.

IT management & leadership salaries

Salaries for technology leadership roles have seen upward momentum over the past three years with particular growth and demand for Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers.


IT salaries across the UK have remained relatively stable, with many companies waiting to see how the pending political climate and potential resulting talent shortage will impact the industry. The highest salaries and remuneration on offer continue to exist in London with large corporate businesses prepared to provide premium compensation for the right talent to lead their technology evolution and innovation plans.


IT project manager salary

IT project manager salaries have remained relatively stable, with only a slight uplift of salaries within the projects and transformation space. Companies are looking for Prince2 and agile project development skills, with demand for skilled project management talent often outpacing supply.


IT infrastructure and engineering salaries

In a bid to upgrade outdated infrastructure, companies are investing in their IT infrastructure with an according uplift in the demand for talent and skillsets in this area. IT professionals who are skilled in the latest technologies and advancements are seeing higher-than-average pay rises.



Cyber security salaries

Data management and IT security have been the hot professions over the past year and this trend is poised to continue through the year ahead. Businesses are looking to both capitalise on the data they hold whilst bolstering their defences to ensure the data remains safe. Cyber security salaries are on the rise, with the implementation of GDPR resulting in a rise of data protection positions, whilst cloud security also figures high on the list of desirable skills.


Software developer salaries

There has been a significant increase in salaries across the development languages over the past three years with software developer salaries for full stack developers seeing the largest gains. The demand for good developers is rife, with salaries for Java and .Net developers increasing and DevOps engineer salaries seeing a huge rise in both base salary, benefits and bonuses.


Rising remuneration is making it increasingly difficult for tech start-ups to compete for talent with larger corporates as the going salaries for software developers is often out of reach for businesses. Where they make up, however, is in the product itself; creating exciting careers in both content and promotion opportunities. Businesses that can stretch in providing share options, flexible working and an improved work-life balance are best positioned to attract the talent they need to grow.



Business intelligence and data analyst salaries

Business intelligence and data analytics have changed the way businesses operate and as demand for data and data analysts increases, so too will hiring. With talent pools shrinking, the competition for talent will become more acute, with businesses paying higher salaries for those with specialist BI analysis skillsets. Data analyst salaries have seen strong gains, with new entrants into the profession seeing competitive remuneration prospects, even at entry-level.


Digital marketing salaries

The digital marketing sector has been going from strength-to-strength, with both in-house and agency settings creating more roles and skills than ever before. Digital marketing manager salaries are seeing the highest gains as companies are looking for someone with the knowledge and insight to develop and implement strategies across the business. Those specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) are seeing an ever-increasing demand; this coupled with the huge increase in customer data for those with Google Analytics experience to delve into is resulting in more growth and demand for the foreseeable future.



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