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Your guide to engineering salaries across the UK

Many recent upheavals have impacted the UK’s engineering industry. The outbreak of the Coronavirus forced many organisations to change dramatically and embrace more flexible working models, however, it is the effects of Brexit that are having the greatest impact on UK engineering and manufacturing employers. The engineering and manufacturing sector is already feeling the impact Brexit has had on the free movement of talent across European countries.


Not only will this impact the industry’s current recruitment efforts, it will also affect future ones as many international students will face increased difficulties getting into UK universities, causing a talent shortage in the future.


The engineering market faces many challenges when it comes to a talent shortage. As an industry at the forefront of the tech and digital revolution, engineering employers need to constantly look for highly skilled and innovative candidates in order to retain a competitive edge in themarket. Competition to attract the very best engineering talent is fierce with many leading employers creating increasingly competitive salary and compensation packages to attract and retain top talent. However, high calibre engineering talent is looking for more from their employers than ever before, which presents you with the ideal opportunity to enhance your company culture.


Top candidates are looking for:

  • Attractive bonus structures
  • Flexible working opportunities
  • Employers who are innovative
  • Forward-thinking technology and processes
  • An employer with good corporate social responsibility ideals


The Heat Recruitment Engineering Salary Survey is your definitive guide to engineering and manufacturing salaries across the UK. We hope you will find this information insightful as your look to attract the talent you need to ensure business growth.


We hope you will enjoy our Salary Survey, and if you would like us to provide further market analysis and create a bespoke hiring strategy and salary benchmarks for your upcoming strategic hires, please get in touch.


Salaries in Design Engineering in the UK have tended to be pretty stable over the last few years, with much of the fluctuation being industry specific, seeing Nuclear and Oil & Gas sectors demanding a higher uplift.


More recently we have seen some increase in the demand for Designers in the highly regulated environment of Medical Devices and High-Tech products in the Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire regions, naturally pushing salaries up too.











Salaries within Quality Engineering in the UK market have inflated over the years, with market leaders within Aerospace, Automotive, F1 and Medical paying on average 13% higher than they did in 2010.


Over the last decade, the demand for strong QA professionals across manufacturing has increased due to new revisions of ISO9001:2015, TS/IATF16949 and AS9100 Rev D. With these revisions, new roles have been created within manufacturing, like FAIR’s Inspectors, AQPQ Engineers and PPAP Engineers.












Production & Manufacturing

Salaries across Production Engineering in the UK have been on a gradual increase over the last few years. Aerospace and Motorsport have traditionally deemed to be paying slightly above the market average, but a recent decline within those industries have seen the salaries on a level playing field with the rest of the industry.


Recently, there has been an influx of work within the medical device industry. An increase in demand has seen the salaries, job opportunities and workload increase.


















Over the last few years, the maintenance sector of engineering has seen a rise in revenue. The manufacturing industry is clearly thriving, with food and pharmaceutical companies generally having an increase in business. Engineering machinery manufacturers have seen a huge rise in distribution meaning the need for aftercare has increased, opening up more doors for maintenance operatives.


Due to a high demand for qualified and experienced engineers to offer maintenance in a variety of industries, there has been a rise in jobs and locations – thus making it a competitive area for businesses and in turn, we’re seeing an overall increase in salaries.









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