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Your guide to UK IT salaries

The IT sector continues to grow across almost every discipline and industry, which is creating more opportunities for businesses and professionals alike. However, with increased hiring and a dwindling talent pool, finding the right candidate remains the biggest challenge facing IT hiring managers in the year ahead – and there are no signs of this abating.


This talent shortage is having a profound impact on businesses, many whose growth ambitions rely on the availability of IT talent to contribute to transformation and digitalisation projects. Those talented individuals with the relevant skill set to help strategically manoeuvre organisations onto more innovative technology systems are in high demand. Indeed, the demand for IT, tech and digital talent continues to grow across most industries as systems and software tools become better able to process data and enable better business decision making. Competition to attract the very best is fierce with many leading employers creating increasingly competitive salary and compensation packages to attract and retain top IT talent.


High calibre IT talent is looking for more from their employers than ever before, which presents you with the ideal opportunity to enhance your company culture.


Top candidates are looking for:

  • Attractive bonus structures
  • Flexible working opportunities
  • Employers who are innovative
  • Forward-thinking technology and processes
  • An employer with good corporate social responsibility ideals


The Heat Recruitment IT Salary Survey is your definitive guide to IT, digital and tech salaries across the UK. We hope you will find this information insightful as your look to attract the IT talent you need to ensure business growth.


We hope you will enjoy our Salary Survey, and if you would like us to provide further market analysis and create a bespoke hiring strategy and salary benchmarks for your upcoming strategic hires, please get in touch.

IT management & leadership salaries

Increased hiring for senior-level roles over the past five years has resulted in an increase in average salaries for senior digital and tech managers and leaders. More companies are hiring Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), creating more opportunities for senior-level candidates. We have also seen the title of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) become more prevalent and these roles are attracting the same salaries as CTO/CIO across the UK.

Across the UK, digital and technology salaries have remained comparatively steady. The highest salaries on offer continue to be in London with large corporate businesses prepared to provide premium compensation for the right talent to lead their technology evolution and innovation plans.


IT project manager salary

IT project manager salaries haven’t seen any radical numerical changes and have thus remained stable for the second year running, with only a minor lift in compensation within the projects and transformation space as companies look to prepare for Brexit in early 2021. Key skills sought by employers include Prince2 and agile project development skills, with demand for skilled project management talent often outpacing supply. We have also seen a shift in business analysts working very much in user research and product-led roles.


IT infrastructure and engineering salaries

More than ever, companies are investing in their IT infrastructure with the aim to modernise any outdated infrastructure. This has resulted in a rise in demand for infrastructure and IT engineering specialists. Those demonstrating expertise in the latest technologies and advancements are more likely to receive higher than average salary offerings.  We are also seeing a strong shift into cloud-based technologies and remote working options due to recent events.



Cyber security salaries

With continued emphasis on the importance of data management and security, average cyber security salaries are on the rise, with this upward trend set to continue. Corporations are looking to capitalise on the data they hold whilst strengthening their defences to ensure that their data remains safe. Cyber security salaries are swiftly moving upwards, with the implementation of GDPR resulting in an increase of data protection positions. Cloud security also figures high on the list of desirables skills for candidates in this field.


Software developer salaries

Salaries for software developers and software test engineers have seen a significant rise, with full stack developers seeing the largest gains over the past five years. Developers are in high demand, with salaries for Java, .Net developers, ReactJS, React Native, Golang, PHP and DevOps engineer salaries increasing, seeing a gradual rise in both base salary, benefits and bonuses. With software developers wanting remote working options we are seeing a shift into a remote workforce for these teams.



Business intelligence and data analyst salaries

Business intelligence and data analytics have transformed the way businesses operate and with higher demands for a finite talent pool, average salaries are increasing. Businesses are paying competitively, offering the highest salaries for those with specialist BI analysis experience. Average data analyst salaries have also seen a rise with new entrants into the profession seeing competitive remuneration prospects, even at entry-level.


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