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How to motivate your team

In these unprecedented times, both employees and employers have all had to adjust to the new normal. Whether you’ve moved to working from home, have more significant safety restrictions in place in your workplace or are on furlough, we’re all having to work in new ways and be more flexible and adaptable. 


But changing the way we’ve always worked and navigating lockdowns and quarantine can be very stressful, and employees may be at risk of feeling anxious, lonely or depressed as they try to balance new realities at work and home.  


Keeping your employees motivated is a critical aspect of your workplace and improves the performance of not only individual departments but your company as a whole. 


During these challenging times, what should you be doing to help keep your staff motivated?

And most importantly you need to trust your staff

You hired your employees for a reason. Constantly checking up on them and assuming that because you can’t see them means they’re not at their desk working does not create a happy working environment. Your team members work hard, and you need to trust them with the job in hand. You would soon know if your clients weren’t happy or receiving the service they expect. Very few people want to let their team members down at this time or produce below par work. If you have this concern, perhaps you’ve made a wrong hire decision. 


According to Forbes, managers need to trust when employees say they’re sick and experiencing symptoms and work around them as best as possible. Otherwise, employers risk infecting the entire team. 


Likewise, productivity, morale and engagement deteriorate due to workers growing resentful for employers not caring about what they’re going through. If you don’t show that you value their contributions, then another employee will. 


A Limeade Employee Care Report found


1 in 3 employees have left a job because they didn’t feel their employer cared about them as a person

25% left a job because they weren’t treated with dignity by company leaders

1 in 5 left a job because their employer didn’t support their wellbeing