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How to build confidence in your team

We all experience a lack of self-confidence at some stage in our lifetime but what might surprise you is how much influence your self-confidence has on how you perform at work. Just think of your favourite sports team and their success story. Did they believe in themselves when no one else did? Does the reason for their achievements lie in their confidence? Would they be where they are today if they lacked self-belief?


If your team members lack confidence, you could potentially be at risk of missing valuable opportunities, and even worse, you may be creating a workplace where below-par work is overlooked and becomes the norm.


Confidence brings with it qualities of mental toughness, poise, grit, belief and courage, which are all associated with highly successful people. These are extremely valuable personality traits to have in a competitive workplace and ones you need to nurture within your business.


Confidence is often seen as something that an employee either has or doesn’t have, but there’s good news. Although situations will always arise where staff stumble in their confidence, there are ways that you can boost confidence amongst your team members, eliminate doubt and build unshakable self-belief and resilience.


Building confidence within a team takes time and energy, but it’s well worth it. A self-confident team will be more productive, motivated and efficient, giving you the edge over your competitors.


Below we have put together some simple ways to give your team a confidence boost.

HEATs top tips for building confidence in the workplace


1. Look for traits that point to independence during interview selection

An applicant should know that confidence is an essential life-affirming character trait. Ask questions like, ‘how confident are you’? Or ‘tell me about a situation or situations that might demonstrate your confidence to do this job’?


Does the job seeker appear to be able to deal with all the diverse situations he/she will meet in your organisation? Do they seem to be able to handle issues calmly and confidently? If you’re not sure what questions you should be asking during the interview process take a look at our article – Interview questions to ask candidates.


2. Give ownership to your team

Empowering others to do the work they’re entrusted to do, and owning the outcome regardless of whether it’s good or bad will lead to employees taking the initiative and feeling like they have greater control over the outcome.


3. Encourage your team to ask ‘why?’

Asking questions is an essential part of a career journey, as it helps employees to understand themselves, those around them, and expectations.


4. Encourage openness

Creating opportunities for employees to express themselves without reparations will make communicating any issues that arise, positive or negative, easier.


5. Create opportunities for employees to teach each other

When employees have high self-esteem and are confident in their work, they are the best teachers. Letting them teach other employees about a company process that they have mastered will further boost their self-esteem and confidence.

If you would like additional support with your staff motivation or any aspect of your team, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.


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