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Your guide to engineering salaries across the UK 2021

Many recent upheavals have impacted the UK’s engineering industry. The outbreak of the Coronavirus forced many organisations to change dramatically and embrace more flexible working models, however, it is the effects of Brexit that are having the greatest impact on UK engineering and manufacturing employers. The engineering and manufacturing sector is already feeling the impact Brexit has had on the free movement of talent across European countries.


As an industry at the forefront of the tech and digital revolution, engineering employers need to constantly look for highly skilled and innovative candidates in order to retain a competitive edge in the market. While employers report challenges in finding staff to fill niche roles, movement exists with more opportunities appearing. As companies struggle to retain staff at this critical time, candidates who demonstrate their value, market knowledge and experience will find themselves in an advantageous position when negotiating their salary.


Find out what employers are currently experiencing and how this is impacting base salary offerings in our 2021 Salary Guide. Knowing what is currently influencing employers’ decisions and the market average will help you assess your professional worth, negotiate better and get a better starting salary.


While job prospects are strong in the insurance market, there is still a lot of movement as people look to advance their careers. This often creates greater competition for individual roles, if you would like further assistance in your job search, please get in touch as we would be happy to discuss your career.


Some industries are seeing rises in salaries for design engineers, particularly in the Nuclear, Oil and Gas sectors, however design engineering salaries outside of these sectors have remained stable over the last few years. The highly-regulated environments of medical devices and high-tech products in the Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire regions have an increased demand for designers which is naturally pushing salaries.














Salaries across the UK in Quality Engineering have generally increased over the years, particularly for leaders within Aerospace, Automotive, F1 and Medical paying on average 13% higher than they did in 2010.

Demand for strong QA professionals across manufacturing has increased over the last decade due to new revisions of ISO9001:2015, TS/IATF16949 and AS9100 Rev D. These revisions have caused new roles to appear within manufacturing, like FAIR’s Inspectors, AQPQ Engineers and PPAP Engineers.













Production & Manufacturing

Salaries in production engineering have been steadily increasing across the UK over the last few years. The medical device industry is seeing an influx of business which has created a higher demand for talent, creating attractive salaries. Aerospace and motorsports are seeing a decline as industries which is resulting in salaries staying the same.



















The maintenance sector of engineering has seen a rise in revenue over the last few years, which has caused a rising demand for qualified and experienced engineers, thus we’re seeing an overall increase in salaries as it becomes a competitive area for businesses.












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