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Thank you for entrusting us with your job search! We look forward to helping you find your next role and our specialised recruitment consultants are on hand to answer questions throughout the process. As well, through our career tools, insights and salary information we hope to add value to you during your job search and more importantly, throughout your career!


The nature of recruitment means that we can’t always find every candidate we work with a job – but we sure will try! You have our commitment that we will work hard to understand your background, career aspirations and what makes you excited about work, to find you the perfect match!


Our specialist areas of recruitment include; Digital & Tech, Engineering, Financial Services, Insurance, Legal and HR.


A few things you can do to help us find you your next role

Check back to see new jobs
We get new roles in every day, so the right job for you is out there! If you see a job that interests you, apply or contact your recruitment consultant. View our latest roles.


Be clear on your career goals
We’re here to help you find your perfect job, so the more information that you can provide us about your motivations and what you’re looking for in terms of role, industry, company size or even your next manager, the more it will help us find you the perfect match!


Know your salary expectations
Our consultants are on hand to help you understand the current market rates for your skillset as well as information on benefits to help frame your salary expectations. Our Salary Survey also provides salary ranges for over 400 roles across the UK.


Make sure you’re up-to-date
To present you for opportunities, it’s important we have your most recent CV and supporting documents. If we invite you to interview for a role, we will require government-issued documentation confirming your right to work in the UK.


Stay in touch
If a role matches your skills, we will get in touch over email, SMS or phone to organise an interview. Many of the employers we work with are looking for quick turnarounds, so we ask that you get back to us as promptly as possible to be considered.


Prepare and show up
We will help prepare you for your interview by providing information about the company, hiring manager, team environment and what the employer is looking for from their next hire. We also expect you to do your homework – and if you can’t make the interview, please tell us as soon as possible!


Avoid discussing salary
While you may be asked your salary expectations during the interview, we recommend you direct any queries to your consultant to negotiate on your behalf. Our knowledge of the business, their salary range and competing candidates will mean that we are best positioned to get you what you deserve.


Provide and accept feedback
Following your interview, please contact your consultant immediately to share feedback about the interview and your interest in the role. We will also endeavour to provide you feedback – both good and bad – to help you prepare for the future!


Avoid counteroffers
Before you start your job search it is important to consider whether you would stay at your current job if you were to be offered a pay rise. We will ask you this at the commencement of our working together as we want to make sure you are as motivated as we are about finding you a new job!


Get ready to start your new job!
Congratulations! We’ll provide you all of the information about pay, benefits and working environment so you feel completely prepared and excited to start your new job! Your consultant will keep in touch up to and including your first day and in the weeks that follow!

Why trust Heat Recruitment with your job search?

We provide outstanding service


We strive to constantly raise our game, developing solid relationships with both the candidates we work with and the employers looking to hire. This results in greater opportunity for all!

Why trust Heat Recruitment with your job search?

We’re passionate


Our passion drives us to work hard and to persevere on behalf of our candidates to achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves.


Why trust Heat Recruitment with your job search?

We’re fun


We genuinely love what we do, the people we do it with, and the candidates we get to help. This allows us to enjoy the journey and celebrate every success!


Why trust Heat Recruitment with your job search?

We strive to do the right thing


We listen, show empathy and integrity; by being honest and open, we put our customers first in everything we do.


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