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What are the disadvantages of using recruitment agencies – and why it shouldn’t matter

by Heat Recruitment

A recruitment agency discussing the disadvantages of using recruitment agencies – how refreshing.

Working with a recruitment consultant can help to speed up the process and see you secure a job that reflects your ambitions. If you’re yet to explore this avenue or have heard the disadvantages of using recruitment agencies from fellow candidates and colleagues, it’s normal to feel apprehensive. If your head is full of horror stories, going it alone can seem like the best way to land your dream job.

However, while not every agency is equal, the drawbacks of using a specialist recruitment agency don’t always matter considering the results they can achieve for their candidates.

You will be competing with similar candidates

One of the commonly cited reasons for avoiding recruitment agencies in the job hunt is the fear that you will be just one of a number of other candidates registered with the agency who boast similar skills. A typical complaint from a jobseeker might be the lack of assurance that they are being treated with priority by their recruiter as opposed to someone else.

Yet, without a recruiter on hand to assist in matching your competencies and values with current vacancies, you are still competing with a wealth of similar candidates. If anything, instructing a recruiter will aid in getting your resumé in front of decision makers much faster.

You won’t get all the information up front

Missing information in job ads is the key frustration that candidates feel makes for a disadvantage of recruitment agencies. However, while that may be the case for casual jobs board browsers, those who engage dedicated recruitment consultants to help in their search will soon receive a curated list of opportunities complete with names, locations and salaries. More than this, they will gain insider information about what the company seeks from their preferred candidate – a sure-fire competitive advantage against those going through HR.

Generalist recruiters don’t have the market knowledge

Generalist recruitment consultants tend to dip in and out of sectors and assignments as they come in, so it’s natural to feel concerned at their lack of in-depth market knowledge. You might feel as though they don’t get the nuances that separate your role from a similar yet different profession in the same industry, and you would be right.

However, by opting for a specialist recruitment firm with a department dedicated to your specific sector, you can guarantee that the consultant on your case will have a comprehensive grasp on your job requirements and priorities with regards to prospective employers.

Agencies care about filling vacancies

It’s no secret that recruitment agencies only receive a fee when they fill a role. For this reason, job-seekers might feel their only goal is to get “bums on seats” as opposed to ensuring the right match for the candidate. In reality, a recruiters’ reputation is on the line every time they recommend a candidate.

Naturally, we want to get it right first time. What’s more, we seek to establish professional relationships with candidates and gain word-of-mouth referrals on the back of great placements. We want candidates to be happy in the roles we place them in or they will be unlikely to work with us again or recommend us to a friend! Try it for yourself and don’t get caught up on the disadvantages of using recruitment agencies.

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by Ross Bennett