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Top tips for job searching if you are a Conveyancing professional

by Heat Recruitment

In a highly competitive property market, the need for both residential and commercial conveyancing experts is not expected to drop any time soon. In theory, qualified conveyancing professionals with the right experience should not struggle to land a role that reflects their requirements.

Of course, it’s one thing to have the right skills on paper – it’s another to be able to position yourself as the perfect candidate to a hiring manager. If you’re planning to take your skills to pastures new in the conveyancing sector, it’s worth knowing that there are certain attributes that will set you aside from the competition:

Demonstrate your ability to be thorough under pressure

Residential conveyancing typically commands a high-volume case-load; professionals in this sector must be able to work to tight deadlines if they are to meet client demands. Commercial conveyancers, on the other hand, may have fewer cases but the nature of their work will be more complex and require even more attention to detail.

In any case, hiring managers seek candidates who have a demonstrable ability to be meticulous in their work despite the mounting pressure they may be under. Clients want a conveyancer who respects their time; they want a professional who will not string them along needlessly with missed deadlines or postponed meetings. Drawing attention to examples of cases in which you have had to manage several complex elements at once within a tight timescale will reassure prospective employers that you are in your element in a fast-paced environment and confident handling even the most challenging property transactions.

Showcase your communication skills

Considering the number of complex technical elements involved in property law, your ability to express complicated ideas or procedures in a simple and concrete manner is non-negotiable. Impeccable communication is at the heart of a smooth property transaction; where hurdles and hiccups stall the process, clients respect conveyancers who keep them in the loop with jargon-free updates. Having honed your communication skills as a conveyancing professional, the challenge in the job search is to convey these skills to prospective employers.

From your CV and cover letter to telephone interviews and face-to-face encounters with conveyancing firms, you must demonstrate your ability to communicate your expertise in a clear and concise manner. If you’re looking for a new job in this fast-paced field, you would be wise to bear this in mind at every step of the application process – the way you communicate with a hiring manager will say a lot about your ability in the role.

Highlight your experience with digital technology

In a period of fast-moving market dynamics, conveyancing firms are increasingly turning to technology to help them deliver a personal service for clients and improve operational efficiencies. For conveyancing professionals in search of new opportunities, gaining the edge over your fellow candidates means proving your competency with the main conveyancing software packages and demonstrating a knack for getting to grips with new tools quickly.

Rather than simply listing off the programs you’ve worked with, use your CV and cover letter to express how you harnessed technological solutions to improve the client service and drive efficiency in property transactions. The same goes in an interview setting – it isn’t a question of simply knowing a great deal about the tools you work with today but showing a keen interest in the development of conveyancing tech tools of tomorrow.

Work with a specialist recruiter

Navigating such a competitive jobs market can be a minefield. At Heat Recruitment we forge strong relationships with conveyancing and residential property firms: in doing so, we can provide valuable insight and constructive guidance to conveyancing candidates eager to apply. With support from one of our specialist recruiters, you can be sure you’re putting your best foot forward in any job application.

With these relationships, we are also able to alert you on jobs that are not advertised through traditional medium. When you work with Heat Recruitment, we will hand-pick only the most suitable legal conveyancing jobs to maximise success; minimising the competition and giving you a stronger chance of landing your dream property law job.

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By Dan Hazzard