The Song Remains The Same: Financial advice in 2017 and beyond

by Heat Recruitment

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With driverless cars now being tested in America, online banking and contactless payments now an everyday occurrence, it is often hard to keep up with and pre-empt where the technology will lead us.

There has been much discussion as to whether Financial Advisers will become a thing of the past, while movement towards automated services in this modern-age continues at rapid pace. Companies like Bread & Butter Advice are now offering an exclusively online Financial Service, while several other practices offer a Tele-Advice services.

When RDR was enforced at the end of 2012, one of the things it set out to achieve was to create an improved, clearer and more informed standard of financial advice. One argument posed in the debate is whether this service can be truly provided solely over a telephone or online?

Few of us would argue that being able to check portfolio valuations or your pension via a phone app is a bad thing. With a huge surge in the number of FinTech start-ups it is certainly interesting to see where the road will lead.

Speaking to an Adviser this morning, he informed me that face to face advice has more of a place in today’s society than ever before, and that there is still a suspicion towards fully automated services. Advisers are able to ‘read the small print’ and guide people in a personable manner:

“Peoples finances are a personal thing, you want to be able to discuss your finances with someone you trust. Someone who makes you a cup of tea and really takes the time to understand you financial needs.”

Wherever the road leads it appears that, at least for the immediate future, there is still a strong market for face to face adviser.

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