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What insurance broker jobs suit your skillset?

by Heat Recruitment

When looking for insurance broker jobs, it can be helpful to see where your skillset could advance you

From blockchain to Brexit; automation to autonomous vehicles; the insurance sector has experienced wave after wave of disruption in the last decade. In turn, companies in this fast-paced industry are racing to turn change into opportunity and lead the market with solutions that reflect its current needs.

In 2020, building agile teams that are equipped to meet shifting customer expectations will be a key priority for competitive insurers. That means, whether you’re new to the industry or looking to climb the career ladder in the insurance sector, you’re in luck: but which insurance broker jobs in the current landscape best reflects your skills and experience?

Commercial roles

The best commercial insurance brokers possess an entrepreneurial approach to business and are in their element when delivering innovative solutions to clients. Confidence in negotiation; excellent interpersonal abilities and strong decision-making skills make for great commercial insurance brokers; they love nothing more than to take initiative and start laying down the foundations to increase business opportunities.

Goal-oriented candidates who pride themselves in accuracy, attention to detail and analytical skills will thrive in a commercial insurance broking job – and it just so happens candidates like these are in demand.

Currently the highest paid positions in insurance, broking or regional managers could stand to make an average of £70,000 once they have amassed the expertise to get them there. On the other end of the spectrum, junior SME account handlers breaking into the sector can expect to collect a starting salary of £18,000, though ambitious corporate account handlers outside of London will see this steadily rise between £27,000-£45,000 as their careers progress.

Personal lines

Team leaders play a critical role in the insurance broking mix, motivating and managing insurance consultants to develop their skillset and ensure the efficient running of the business. Strong multi-tasking abilities and flexibility make line managers in insurance able to react quickly to the changing needs of the business, while impeccable communication and people skills work to build a supportive culture that nurtures talent.

Knowledge of the market will serve an underwriting team leader well, allowing the team to call upon them as a technical reference point with regard to products and wording. Candidates who combine expertise with emotional intelligence will be strong contenders in any insurance broker job application. With an average salary banding between £25,000-£45,000 – dependent on where you’re based – team leaders are typically well-rewarded for their commitment to developing direct reports.

Claims roles

In a fast-paced environment, claims handlers must be responsive and be able to work well under pressure. Confidence is key, and a good telephone manner goes without saying: if you are seeking a role in which you can utilise your ability to forge strong working relationships and you take pride in your problem-solving nature, a role in claims handling could suit you perfectly – and the opportunities for progression are well-remunerated.

The need for confident insurance claims handlers across the sector cannot be understated; their customer service experience considered a competitive advantage to any insurance firm. That said, salaries in the capital naturally skew higher, with Claims Executives based in or near London taking home an average salary of £55,000 and their entry-level counterparts earning £25,000 as a starting salary.

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