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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation…

by Heat Recruitment

Over the last 12 months we have seen a positive trend developing with a large number of Lawyer and other legal professionals speaking to us about a relocation. These moves have been motivated by a number of factors; achieving a better work/life balance (common in people moving away from London), career progression, change in lifestyle, family commitments, or even willing to relocate to a specific area for the opportunity to work for a particular law firm.

The decision for legal professionals of which city is best served to develop your career is no longer straight forward. There is now a huge choice of Legal 500 Law firms, boutique and high street practices in every major city across the country. London is no longer the “go to” place to establish a legal career, as there are opportunities around the UK where you can deal with high profile or international matters outside of London.

In the UK there are fantastic cities with great opportunities for those who want to work for the big firms. Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and many more all now offer thriving legal alternatives. Furthermore, there are also many fantastic smaller practices / firms in towns and villages with excellent reputations where ex-legal 500 lawyers now ply their trade.

By relocating, you are taking your skillset to a marketplace where, in many cases, that skill set is very rare and hard to find. Additionally, you bring fresh ideas and operating experience that can help propel a business forwards. This will help a company move away from the “this is the way we have always done it” mentality to a new vibrant “look at how we can do it” approach. Whilst you might not know the local market, with the right research before an interview and a well thought out business plan it will not take long to pick this up.

Whilst moving away from London is common place we still have candidates approaching us in their droves asking us to help them make the move to the capital and the bright lights. This is always going to happen a London does, and will always have that magnetic draw as the UK capital. That said, if you have set your heart on the big smoke then make sure you have given considerable thought to the following:

  1. Why London? Be clear in your own mind as to why exactly you feel it’s the best option for you, and that there aren’t other cities that can provide opportunities that also meet your motivations.
  2. How feasible is it financially? Ensure you compare the costs of living, rental/mortgage increases, daily commuting costs etc, and know what your base figure would need to be in order for you to live in the lifestyle you are looking for.
  3. Where exactly are you looking to move? You can’t just think “London”. It’s a big area, with each one offering very different lifestyles. Additionally, where you live will heavily determine which firms you can consider, as the commutes can vary by a difference of hours.
  4. Who else do you know there? Social connections are hugely important, and moving to a new city can be a daunting prospect. Having some routes planted in an area will help to make the transition a lot easier, and can go some way to alleviating the concerns that a potential new employer may have and reassure that you will see the move through, and ultimately stay there / make the new role work out.


It’s important to ask yourself the above questions when considering any relocation, but even more so with London because of the costs involved, and just how different it is to other UK cities.

Once these have been confirmed many of our clients are happy to meet with candidates who are committed to making the move.

A well thought out relocation plan, coupled with the right motivations can lead to the autonomy and career progression that you have been waiting for, whilst ensuring that you are positioned where you want geographically for that all important work / life balance.

Please contact a Heat Legal Consultant today to discuss how we could help you with your career plans and / or relocation.

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