What will be the highest paying IT jobs for 2020?

by Heat Recruitment

Our latest salary survey delves into the highest paying IT jobs for 2020

As the demands in the digital technology sphere continues to grow, the UK’s thriving IT sector is creating opportunities at scale.

Currently expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy, the nature of the IT sector places professionals in this space at the forefront of business transformation, be they in leadership roles, project management, software development or digital marketing.

With the demand for IT skills only set to rise, average earnings in tech-focused roles are steadily increasing as businesses jostle for position in this competitive environment. As 2020 draws ever closer, we’re exploring the results of our IT sector salary survey to uncover the highest paying roles in the industry.

IT leadership

It goes without saying that the highest paying roles in IT can be found at leadership level, where tech-focused members of the C-suite such as Chief Information Security Officers earned an average of £139,000 outside of the capital. Interestingly, the salary banding of their London-based counterpart sat at a lower rate of £120,000. Nevertheless, the highest earners of the industry were, unsurprisingly, the Chief Information Officers of London-based firms who earned an average of £170,000 in 2019.

Projects and transformation

The success of digital transformation in any organisation hinges on the people involved in the planning and implementation of software. Highly experienced programme and project managers play a leading role in the end to end delivery of IT projects; their ability to drill down to the granular detail of the business needs and technological requirement places them high on the list of sought-after talent in the modern business landscape. It figures that in London, a senior programme manager will collect an average of £93,000 p/a, while those in regional locations can still expect to earn at least £86,250.

Software development & Testing

In a recent study from RS Components, knowledge of software development principles featured 588,504 times in technology job descriptions in the past year, illustrating the fast-growing, unavoidable need for talent in this field in 2019. Our own research confirmed this, revealing average salaries for Lead Developers in London to be £89,000, their regional counterparts taking home an average of £74,500. Minimum salary banding for this role still sat at an alluring £50,000, demonstrating the fundamental nature of software developers in our digital economy.

Information security

In 2019, the global demand for cybersecurity professionals rose to a staggering 6 million; the wave of high-profile incidents inspiring firms across the UK and beyond to proactively hire talent to keep their networks secure. In 2020, we can expect cybersecurity expertise to remain a key priority for competitive organisations spanning the sectors as the threat-landscape grows ever more complex and hard to predict. For an Information Security Manager outside of London, the salary currently sits at an average of £79,000. Meanwhile, security network engineers in 2019 collected £57,000 while administrators still earned an attractive £51,000.

Data and business intelligence

From government departments to tech-led start-ups, demand for big data skills has soared in recent years as organisations have sought to capitalise on the intelligence available to drive decision making and strike when the iron is hot. According to a Royal Society report, demand for workers with specialist data skills like Data Scientists and Data Engineers has more than tripled over five years. Salaries in this sector mirror the demand, with a business intelligence analyst collecting a cool £57,000 in the capital and £48,000 outside of it.

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