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Energy & Experience: A new era for Heat

As our newly promoted Managing Director Ross Bennett celebrates 12 years at Heat Recruitment, he is also celebrating stepping into a new role within the business. We sat down to discuss the ambitious new era Heat is transitioning into, and why now is the right time for the business to realise its potential.



When I started at Heat 12 years ago, I began as a trainee with absolutely no experience within the recruitment industry. I was fresh out of university and had spent the previous few years working part-time at a bar.  Recruitment is one of those industries that sucks you in, and after working at Heat for only a short time I got the taste for it and started to find my stride. I realised I had big ambitions pretty early on and I knew that eventually, I wanted to rise to the top. For me, reaching this point and moving into this new role does truly feel like the realisation of a long-term goal.  I am and always will be eternally grateful to everyone who has positively impacted my career to date.  The last 12 years have flown by, which I think is a result of the business never standing still and continuing to evolve, change and grow beyond all expectations.



Even from my first meeting with Steve Preston the Founder of Heat, you could sense the boundless ambition that he had for the business. As time has gone on and my ability to impact the trajectory of the business has increased, I’ve really gotten a sense of the immense potential that exists here. I’ve always known that this was a career with longevity, as I knew I was working for an organisation that was always pushing to be better, and subsequently matched my long-term ambitions.

I could see the potential to develop my skill set whilst being surrounded by great people with similar aspirations. Heat have worked hard over the years to build a culture that drives success, and we are constantly evaluating ways to improve the business, whether it be through Learning & Development, Marketing, Incentives, Career Paths, and more.

We are now at an exciting tipping point where there is a feeling that the business is simmering nicely, and we are on the cusp of moving to the next level. Both individually and collectively there is a genuine excitement for the future as we start to realise some of our long-term ambitions.  We have worked hard within Heat and talked a lot about developing a ‘growth mindset’ as one of our core behaviours. What this has meant in practice is developing the solid infrastructure to scale the business effectively and sustainably across all our core markets whilst also moving into new verticals.  A lot of planning and strategy has gone into developing and nurturing our teams, as well as enhancing our Learning and Development offering, our Tech Suite, and our Culture to ensure that we’re looking after our existing staff as best as we can, as well as attracting new talent to join us.



Heat has had to change significantly over the years to keep up with the pace of the industry. Recruitment is an industry that strives to be innovative, and it is a constant challenge to compete as a leading company in the market. One of the main reasons that Heat has managed to keep pace is the adaptability of the business and those who work here. We are not afraid to share and be honest about the lessons we have learned along the way and the areas that we have had to improve upon.  This is after all what continues to make us improve and get better.  Now more than ever before there is a continual desire to improve and become more efficient than ever before; it’s a constant evolution fuelled by the desire to be better.

We have listened to external and internal feedback and have taken huge steps to address those areas of weakness.  We are now focused on ensuring we are viewed as specialists within our markets so that we provide our clients and candidates with the best service that we can.  We are also very aware that retaining our own talent is key to the business reaching its potential, so we are working hard to provide an environment where everyone can flourish in a high-performance environment.



We’ve spent years building the Heat brand, ensuring we have solid foundations whilst honing our craft.  We have strengthened a lot of areas in the business, bringing in the experienced talent we need to allow us to put our plans into motion and move forward quicker than ever before. Now, with experts in their respective fields in place, we’re at a point where we can get exactly where we want to go.

It feels that we’ve now reached that pivotal point where we have the systems, strategy, and people in place to take Heat to the next level, and are working towards the level of excellence in our service that will allow us to stand out in a highly competitive market, through becoming more specialist in the areas we operate in. It feels that we are on the cusp of the next stage, and in the next 6 months we intend to continue expanding into a dominant, national recruitment company.

Over the next few months, the face of Heat is about to change massively: we’re really excited to be launching our brand-new website alongside our new branding which reflects this new era for Heat and to better represent our individual specialist divisions. We’re as ambitious right now as we have ever been, and we have no plans to stagnate. With the opening of our Manchester office earlier in the year, we have been able to expand into brand new divisions and seen amazing success here. As a result, we have already outgrown the new Manchester office and are about to move into a space more than three times the size. We will be expanding into other areas of the UK before the end of the year and will be making further announcements around this soon.

Along with this, our success can be measured in the range of promotions we have celebrated across the business in 2022, and the fact that we’ve had a record-breaking month for the business every month so far this year. But, most importantly, the positive feedback our individual consultants have been receiving from their clients and candidates is a true testament to their hard work and the embodiment of our mission to become trusted partners. As we start to realise our potential, we must also remain true to our core values and retain the culture that makes Heat such an amazing place to work.

As we enter this new and ambitious era for Heat, we are combining vast amounts of energy and experience and finding the right balance between the two. We have three intakes of new Associate Consultants joining us over the summer, but equally, we have also brought in a wealth of experienced consultants who will be working closely with our new and existing consultants to pass on their know-how.  Now is the most exciting time at Heat and I am pleased to be able to play a part in the journey.


If you’re looking to join the journey, there’s never been a better time. Get in touch with our Talent Acquisition team, click here to find out more about life at Heat, or click here to view our latest vacancies.