5 Top tips for becoming a successful Recruitment Consultant

by Heat Recruitment

The first quarter of the year has been a successful one for the UK job market, according to a report by CV Library, including a huge increase in applications of 28.8% when compared to Q4 2016. Not only has the market continued to grow but research has highlighted that job vacancies, applications and average salaries have all experienced growth in the period from January to March.

This is fantastic news for both our economy and for current and budding Recruitment Consultants. With many agencies actively hiring new talent and so much competition in the industry, how can you stand out from the crowd and ensure your success? 

Our top consultants have shared their tips for a successful career in Recruitment:

  1. Be honest – “Don’t try and give off the impression you know everything. Ask clients and candidates to explain to you exactly what they do or what the role requires and how their businesses work and operate”
  2. Listen – “Listen to your training, your team mates, your candidates and clients! This will help you build a solid knowledgebase that you can refer back to and ensure you can deliver a quality service”
  3. Dedication – “Keep firmly focussed on your goal and what you want to achieve and build for your future. If you don’t stay dedicated you won’t get there”
  4. Be relentless – “It’s a tough industry with lots of competition so keeping productivity high and constant will be the difference in being an okay Consultant or a fantastic one”
  5. Have fun – “It is a challenging career but one surrounded with a lot of great people, perks and the chance to build a name for yourself within the industry. Enjoy it!”


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